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Starting the New Year off Right!

How to Set Yourself up for Success for 2019

Snowflakes, like every one of you, are unique!

How's it going? Is it one of "those" days, or are you actually having a pretty great day? I hope the latter is the choice of many of you reading this, but realistically for a lot of people, it's one of "those" days. That's quite common nowadays unfortunately. There's good news! That can change very soon!

With the new year coming, plenty of people are preparing their "New Years' Resolution" list towards bettering themselves once 2019 comes. Can I ask; does that ever work for you? In my 20 years of life, I've never actually met someone whose resolutions were kept for more than a month at most. That leads me to ask "Why?" No, I'm not asking why it ONLY lasts one month but "Why?" are you putting your hope and strength and own motivation into a day of the year? What's different about January 1st than August 21st or September 12th?

You won't hold onto a goal (resolution) if you're putting your own will and strength on a single day of the year. Once you do, you start fading off the path to true happiness, success, and completion of your list. Your whole reason and excuse to keep going is because "I'm a new me!" or "It's a new year!" That doesn't work and it won't. People will continuously put their time, money, and faith in one single day a year to be disappointed, depressed, and broken all over again.

If you want to reach that list of dreams or goals, then break them down. Create a list with the topic of each new list as one of your goals on your "resolutions" list. If you want to lose weight, explain in a new list how you're going to get to that goal. Build an agenda, create a detailed plan, mock up a grocery list and what type of diet choice you think (know) you can fight towards. Having a blind list of goals for yourself, whether over a few days, months, or even years, is just like having a paper, with nothing to write with. You can't start your legacy story with no progress.

Detail your goals piece by piece with every idea you can think of. Don't choose a weight loss diet that you know you'll hate. That won't work, which people haven't figured out yet. I chose a Keto Diet which eliminates virtually all carbs from your diet, which is definitely a lot easier for myself than it seems. I still get to eat meat, chicken, tea, veggies, and some dairy. Let's say you want to make more profit, or make more income this new year. Write out different side jobs, different sales possibilities and ways of getting that green in your pocket. Investments, Exploiting your skills in specific areas of life, working two jobs, and drop-shipping (flipping items for a profit) are just a few options!

You're too damn young to throw your youth away on youtube, or partying consistently, or even spending more than you should on meaningless, momentary satisfaction. Start NOW. Put your faith in yourself, Put your goals on the line. Network with people with the same motivation, and people you know can push you to get to where you need to be. Doing it alone is too hard for someone who needs to hold motivation. I'm here as someone who can help. I've been in the process of some big-A moves lately and its not even the beginning. What's Stopping You? I want to hear about it!! Vent and rant your struggles with me, let me be there to help you out. The struggle is only hard when you're all alone! It's our time to make a move, it's our time to make changes! 

Thank you for reading!!

Get in touch with me! My instagram is always open and free to message me and interact! Let me know what you took away from this story, Let me know your struggles with motivation. Let me help change that issue! If you would like to donate towards the continuing of these posts/stories, I accept them below! They're not expected at all, but aren't frowned upon. Keep ya head up and start succeeding NOW!

Instagram: @crazyboiispencer_

Kik: @Espiiinzer

Spencer Schmidt
Spencer Schmidt

Name's Spencer. I live in San Jose, CA. I'm 20 years old. The goal is to inspire, motivate, and network with those who have the same passion and desire as me!

Instagram: @crazyboiispencer_ ( Leave suggestions, comments, and feedback!)

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Starting the New Year off Right!
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