Spencer Schmidt

Name's Spencer. I live in San Jose, CA. I'm 20 years old. The goal is to inspire, motivate, and network with those who have the same passion and desire as me!

Instagram: @crazyboiispencer_ ( Leave suggestions, comments, and feedback!)

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These Are the Years to Make Mistakes!
11 days ago
It takes one decision to allow yourself to live a happy life, and it also takes one decision to live a regretful, fearful life. You're speeding through your life whether you feel it or not. Look at yo...
You're So Close!
2 months ago
Filled with enthusiasm and fire but can't seem to use it correctly for your goals? You aren't alone! I am just one person out of hundreds of people who want to succeed badly but sometimes struggle to ...
What's Stopping You?
2 months ago
A single decision, a single word, thought, and action can completely re-track your life on the path to success. As easy as 1-2-3. When you're focused & understanding of what stress and failure will co...
Starting the New Year off Right!
3 months ago
How's it going? Is it one of "those" days, or are you actually having a pretty great day? I hope the latter is the choice of many of you reading this, but realistically for a lot of people, it's one o...
Why Did You Start?
4 months ago
Why did you start? What made you give up junk food and sugar? What made you start going to the gym? What made you take a full slate of college classes? What makes you do what you do? That is the quest...
For the Unmotivated
4 months ago
Yeah, you. This story is for you. If you're like a normal teen or young adult of this generation, then this is something You need to read. More than likely, you've been lost in your life, or you feel ...