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Strange. Unique. Rationally nonsensical. 

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What Are You Doing? (Pt. 5)
8 days ago
By now, I hope you have gathered a sense of why I have chosen to title this series "What Are You Doing?" If you still have no clue, I will briefly explain. I have no idea what I'm doing. If someone we...
What Are You Doing? (Pt. 4)
9 days ago
It may not be obvious to you, but yes, the countdown has shifted. It was only yesterday that I was counting down from 19 remaining days until the big life change would be in effect, but in the course ...
What Are You Doing? (Pt. 3)
11 days ago
One of the biggest lessons I've had to learn lately is how important it is to trust yourself. I can be detrimentally logical at times, to the point where I reason myself out of doing what I truly feel...
What Are You Doing?
14 days ago
I went to bed at 7 PM last night, swaddled in an uncomfortable blanket of self-doubt and systemic claustrophobia. I knew I wouldn't get any rest like this, so I popped an Ativan and scrolled through p...
What Are You Doing?
15 days ago
I have to admit, things are pretty weird for me right now. I can confidently say that I don't think that even half of the people in my life know what I've been doing lately, and even more than half of...