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// Youth //

These Are Just Some Observations, Thoughts, and Ideas About...

Someone’s youth is such a small window of time in their lives. You don’t realize it when you’re in it, of course. You feel like it’s forever and that it’s never going to end because you might be like me and all you look forward to is adulthood.

But there are some perks about youth.

For one, your bod and athletic stamina will n e v e r  be that great again. So cherish that. 

Also, it's a time for experimentation. It’s a time for firsts. It's the period of your life of firsts for everything. It’s kind of amazing when you really think about it.

You will never have that first time again in your life.

No first steps, words, no first day of some grade, no first day at your first job, no first S/O, first kiss, first fuck, first time you tripped out on some kind of shit, first party, first drink, first hangover the day after I where you think, “WHY?”, first major failed test, first time speaking in front of a class for that big project that’s worth 60 percent of your English grade, first time sneaking out of school or from your house to be out till midnight with your friends doing god knows what.

Your first concert will also (hopefully) be in your youth; and you will remember and cherish that concert for the rest of your life because you’ve never been in a scene like that before.

Youth, is kind of amazing if you think about it...

But only for that aspect.

The other aspect is being suppressed from certain things like driving and going out and drinking and all of that. Parents are really fricken good at ruining your good youth. They just bring you down most of the time. They try to suppress your youth.

But fuck it.

Fuck them.

Fuck it all.

Because ya know what?

At the end of the day,

I T ' S  Y O U R  Y O U T H.

And surprisingly, your parents probably had a better youth than you and me because (their) life wasn’t so complicated back then and everyone wasn’t so scared of everything. Their parents let them roam everywhere at any time of the day! They scraped their knees, got dirty, rode around in actual bike gangs, and blew up GI Joes!! That sounds like a dope ass childhood to me!! Instead, all I got was wearing bubblewrap to the playground and having my mom pick anytime I went on the monkey bars. 

Maybe it's just my parents. 


My parents are so—yeah. 

But my parents in their youth got to do whatever the fuck they wanted to! And ya know what, I should have that right too!!

Fuck them.

Fuck them.

I deserve to live my youth.

It’s the time for everything.

You have your entire life to be older. 

You have your entire life to be restricted and tied down (if you choose to) and I want to live it up while I still have the energy, time, and freedom (sort of).

I should be able to party the fuck up, surf whenever, sneak out to whatever.

Because this is my youth.

Youth is meant for that kind of stuff.

We have the right to our youth.

We have a right to get fucked and be fucked in the process and not have adults try to stop us from fucking up. We have the right to make mistakes.

We should have the right to be able to roam free and be free; because for the rest of lives, we’re probably not going to be able to.

A good portion of us are probably going to be stuck in some damn cubical looking at the same damn screen for next 30 years, so why restrict our lives to what our parents or school or society want? 

All of this sounds super cliche and angsty. 

It is. 

But in all honesty, we should be able to AND SHOULD BE livin' it up.

I’m ready to live it up.

Live. It. The fuck. Up.

Youth is for road-trippin' with friends

And trippin' on shit.

Youth is for doing things that you love because you can and still will. Those things that you love fade away as you get older. You seem to never have time to pursue them.

Youth is for never sleeping and having caffeine-infused blood.

Youth is for sneaking out, doing late nights and adventures with your friends.

Youth is for drinking.

And Partying.

And laughing your asses off at stupid humor because you're w a s t e d.

Another amazing thing about youth is that every generation will have a different version of their youth.

But, your generation, your generation, and you and your friends will each have an individual experience. You will only have one experience exactly like what you're experiencing now.

You will only have one of your generation.

Let's think about that.

I know that’s like a “no shit, Lo” kind of statement. It’s cliche to say, but really think about it.

You are never going to have another generation that has your clothes, your lifestyle, your humor, your TV shows, your music, and your ideas about how to run the world.

The events that happen in your generation; They will never be in the next generation. Because by then, your events will be in history textbooks and life will have evolved even further and dramatically into the future.

The next generation will not have the same technology that you have. 

It will be better, faster, bigger, smarter.

The knowledge that you have now about the world now won’t matter because the next youth will be smarter than you. Their education will change because, most likely, education and information will change dramatically.

The next generation won’t know about it because they're too caught up in their generation; trying to make their own generation.

But youth is like that.

You’re unconcerned or only mildly concerned about the future because this is the only period of your life that matters in the present moment. It's a time to be selfish because when you grow old, you become preoccupied with other responsibilities and focuses that you forget about yourself. 

Youth is the only period of our life where it's just about you. 

When you get older, it's us. It’s family and lovers and kids. Not just you. This is the time of your life where it's just you and your friends. Maybe a S/O here and there but:

This is about you and your youth.

Cherish your youth, please. 



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Lauren Day
Lauren Day

i surf. i travel. i take some photos here and there. i life alot. 

i think. i write. i think some more. 

then something cool happens where i write until my bones ache.

end of story. 

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