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Your Platform

Did you know you have one?

(My cool bro-in-law giving a speech at our wedding)


We all have a platform, especially in the culture of today, where social media seems to run our lives and our every thought can be shared with thousands in a moment. I believe we are severely accountable for the platform we hold. Even if you think nobody cares about what you have to say, or that your platform is 20 followers so it “doesn’t matter,” I believe you’re wrong. Those twenty people who listen to what you have to say matter. I believe they matter.

So the real question is, what are we saying? What are you saying? What am I saying? What am I representing? I love this quote :

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is SO, SO TRUE. To define love is difficult in our culture today. I don’t believe it should be difficult, but the lines of EVERYTHING have become blurry. I mean EVERYTHING. Just to be clear, I do not think that’s a good thing. But you know what I do think? Sometimes we need an undoing to redo the mess we’ve created. I believe we are in a time of undoing where every voice matters and every word spoken is a part of the redoing.

What do you want our culture to be like? Do you want to be scared of your neighbors or do you want to know them? I mean, how many of us actually KNOW our neighbors? I mean, know their names?! My husband and I have chosen to make it important to get to know our neighbors. We know their names and we have had them over to our house. They are wonderful people that we were able to connect with, laugh with, and encourage.

Your platform is not only through social media, even though this may be the BIGGEST, your platform is wherever you go and whatever you do. Your platform is the place where you’re heard. Whether it is around the dinner table with your children, or in a leaders meeting at your workplace. Whether it is on a bench in the park surrounded by a friend or two, or in front of a classroom of energized two-year-olds.

Do you realize that what you say matters? Do you know where what you SAY comes from? The words you speak are not “just whatever.” They aren’t pointless and they shouldn’t be abused or spoken lightly. They shouldn’t be vulgar or disrespectful. The words you speak say EVERYTHING about you, and nothing (because don’t get me started on actions). Words and actions are an inseparable pair. Words are pointless without congruent actions. Anyways, back to what you say. Our words are rooted in our thoughts, our mindsets—what we believe about God, ourselves, and humanity. Our thoughts bring forth our words and our actions.

So, let’s make our words count, huh? Let’s take a second to think before we say something hateful or unkind. And while doing this, let’s not be passive. Let’s be passionate. Know what you believe and stand on your truth. But don’t be so focused on being right that love is lost in the process. Being right is not what will draw people to truth, love will. Love always will. Love will win.

Don’t believe me? I’ll show you. I’ll show you with my words and with my actions. I'll show you with the platform I have. It isn’t big, but it’s mine— and it counts. Yours does too.

We are at a key time in history where we all truly have a part in shaping our culture and our world. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been quick to judge, thanks to social media. But remember, social media only shows part of the story. It only shows a fragment, a second, a glimpse. Let’s not judge and assume. And if you’re concerned or confused, ask. Don’t cast judgment, don’t be unkind. I’m preaching to myself, guys!! I need to grow in this area. Sometimes I am so passionate about justice being served that I miss the little moments to BE LOVE to someone.

I am accountable for me, and you are for you. My platform may not be large, but it’s loud. It’s loud because I’m speaking. It’s that simple. On my platform I will share love, and truth in love. To me, truth isn’t fluid, it’s concrete. My truth in love to you may sometimes seem offensive, but truth can tend to offend. I will be kind, merciful, forgiving, graceful, and understanding. But I will be unashamedly passionate about my truth.

Speak up, speak out, be kind. Use your platform to shout goodness! Let’s be real, let’s be raw, let’s not be quick to debate on our social platforms. Let’s do what we can with what we have and help others practically and spiritually.

Encourage and inspire. 

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Kar Mama
Kar Mama

Twenty two year old fierce mama raising a little boy to be a great man. Wife to my Redheaded Russian. Lover of the Most High. I like to write, I like to eat, I like to laugh. Coffee, always. Thriving off of deep relationships.

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