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Your Heroes

Why You Should Never...

It's said by someone I'm sure, you should never measure yourself to your heroes. A quote I came across earlier this week though said that "you shouldn't be trying to network up, you should be networking across". I don't particularly remember where I saw this quote, as I have a shitty memory, but I know it's been at the forefront of my mind. I also think the latter quote has been the cause for my personal introspection, and now I turn that outwards to you. The idea is explained that you shouldn't be trying to network with those who are already established, yet with your friends and neighbors who are establishing themselves. To this concept I say yes. That's why I work very closely with a network of like minded individuals and groups like Mehji Ent. I myself run a blogsite I just started up called The Renaissance Project. It's an art initiative I started to follow happenings if the underground art communities in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania currently. I hope to cover more as I get the chance to travel and meet more artists. I have been inconsistent in my content upload though. Not because I don't have things to post. The Mehji's have almost ten tapes on Spinrilla alone. Most of which were uploaded in the last couple of months. It's because I have been doubting why I even do what I do. I look to others who are more established than myself and think that I am foolish to be doing it all. It makes it hard because there are peers I have, that are significantly more successful. And admittedly sometimes, I wish to reach out to them. Sometimes I feel guilty for even wanting to say hi. I don't want them to feel like I'm mooching off of their hardwork and successes, so I leave them be. Honestly though, I needed to. I needed to stop putting so much pressure on where I wanted to be as an artist and start focusing more on what I wanted to produce as an artist. 

If there is anyone out there like me. I want you to do me three simple things.

1. Breathe deeply and slowly.

2. Tell yourself that it will be okay... because I promise it will.

3. Focus more on your art and less on the comparisons of yourself and anyone else. 

Art is unique, and beautiful, and special... And you are too. You will always be your harshest critic, but never let anyone, even yourself,  stop you from doing the thing you love most. For me it's writing. Rap music. Poetry. Short stupid half ass motivational articles like this one. Whatever you have your on producing, do it. If only for yourself you should absolutely do it. An artist is her own harshest critic, so doesn't it only make sense that she pleases herself first and foremost. Your art should always be for you.  And if you're happy with it then I promise there are other like minded individuals out there who will too. I know it's hard in the beginning doing what we do. Generating a following, establishing a fan base maybe. Every day you have to sell yourself.  And some days it seems impossible. But just keep believing in what you're doing and others will start too. Hopefully this helped you.  If not, it's at least online forever for when I need it.

If you care to read up on my blog you can catch me at

You can follow the Mehji Ent artists at by searching their name. A ton of great individual artists only made better together. 

You can also follow me on Instagram @ Thelifeofduece_

Or on Twitter @ dannyduece

Otherwise I'll see you next time. Stick in there. You're doing just fine.

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Your Heroes
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