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Your Heart Knows the Path to Your Dreams...

Are you brave enough to honor it?

You already beat all of your challenges. You made it!!! 

The very last lesson of enlightenment, before you clear your mind, body, and spirit for complete and absolute healing, is self love. When you get to this aspect of healing, expect tears. Lots and lots of fucking tears. This is where you push forward despite all your fears and all the people who are against you and all of the people who have ever challenged you. It's when you tear yourself right down the middle. The old version of you and the past that is contained within you dies, and the emotional death is way worse than anything you ever imagined. Instead of leaning into and giving into death, you begin searching and scanning your entire life for even one single reason to stay living. Enlightenment is tough, dude. We've been through a lot. All of us have. Look at the veil of conditioning that this planet has carelessly thrown over our eyes. It's so thin, yet it has skewed our vision so much that we would actually rather DIE than face our emotional healing. 

You know it's true. You feel it coming like fucking Phil Collins. Your angst must come to the surface. You must face your enemies head on. You must rise against them, but worse yet, you rise against this ego that exists within you that constantly tries to convince you that you are not worthy. You are your own worst enemy. Those of you who might hold slightly more knowledge about the spiritual awakening understand and acknowledge that we, ourselves, have created our own mess. We didn't know it the whole time, but that's a hard pill to swallow, I don't care who you are. No matter how far advanced you think you are, life will throw you challenges and contrast to cause you to expand and grow. The key to success with all of these tests and challenges is to answer them with love.

No matter how bad you want to slaughter your enemies and hang them out for the world to see, you can't. You have to ask for mercy for them. You have to treat them the way you wanted them to treat you. It sounds insane, I know. But the only way this planet is going to heal is if we can forgive one another and we can recognize that the only reason our so-called enemies have treated us and other people the way that they have treated us, is because they were never loved. 

Maybe they thought they were loved, but they weren't loved unconditionally. They were loved only if they made XX amount of money, or if they dressed a certain way. Every generation came in more evolved and some way worse because families had babies way later as accidents when they were not really wanted. I was told that I almost killed my mom during childbirth. How healthy was that? Our parents just did not know any better. They were raised way differently and got busy working to make a living to keep food on the table for us. 

Some of our parents bailed completely on us, and things got ugly. We had one parent or maybe no parents. Maybe even foster parents or homeless. That causes us resentment and abandonment issues. Shit happened to all of us. But the thing is, we found strength in it all. We not only survived, we THRIVED. We gained power as a result of powerlessness. 

If you can't see the power yet, hang it there. Set your boundaries and push people back. Put them in their place. Outside of your business. You must stand firm in your power to tell others NO, I will not tolerate this bullshit you are trying to feed me. If it is at your place of employment, then leave. If it's in your relationship, then leave. If it's your family, then leave. Take control of your own life. Own the dumb bullshit you have put up with up to this point, quit playing the victim and blaming others for the decisions that you made in the past. Take responsibility for the decisions you are not making as well, like staying at a job you hate, and take the risk. It's your soul telling you to move forward. There's an upgrade on the horizon for you. Honor your intuition. It knows the path to freedom. 

I like that word freedom. I trust the word freedom. You stick that carrot in front of my nose and I will follow it to the end of the Earth. Your soul is setting your free, you need only trust it and the twisty, winding path that doesn't always lead straight to what you are wanting. But if you're still reading this, something in your heart knows it is true. Something brought you here for a reason. Honor you and no one else but you. Your heart might seem illogical as fuck, but it knows the way to your dreams.  

Photo by Matt Sclarandis on Unsplash

Missy Conley
Missy Conley

I hope you're ready to have your mind stretched and bent! Those are the topics I enjoy writing about. Anything esoteric, metaphysical, or mystical. We're evolving faster than ever and it looks as if Magic has become the new normal! 

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Your Heart Knows the Path to Your Dreams...
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