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Young and Delusional

Navigating Yourself Through Happiness in Your 20s

Coming home on a Sunday after a brunch well done. Bottle of nice white wine... delicious Thai food... some shots and of course, great company. In that moment, time stood still. Between the laughs, I stopped for a moment. To appreciate the feeling of joy, of genuine happiness and indulgence. Brunch ended up being a five-hour boozy brunch and it was careless. It was two ladies that were extremely passionate and ambitious in life, who forgot for a moment that it was Sunday. Well, forget is actually not the correct term to use. It would be LIVED Sunday to its fullest! 

I don't go on holidays much, as I've always seen my life as one big holiday. That cliche of ''love what you do and you'll never have to work a day in your life'' very much applies to my perception on how to live. Thankfully, this mindset has also allowed me to work worldwide, experience amazing cities, cultures, nights out and has given me a bookshelf of amazing stories to share. I work like a mad man. 12 hour work days, taking work with me at home and always wanting to do more. Simultaneously, I ''treat'' myself to a daily glass of red wine and some dark chocolate. Next to this, I do not like distinguishing my weekdays from weekends. Every day should be lived. If this is having a drink with friends, going out for dinner, having a glass of wine while working at home or doing work. Whatever feels right to you in that moment, you should do and live that day as you please. 

Yes, this may sound a bit loopy for some or relatable for others. Especially having lived abroad, there tends to be a norm, a certain socially accepted way of life to which we are all compared to. This comparison creates a benchmark for others and sets the rules or standards of life. Getting a degree, getting a job, buying a house etc. etc. etc. What about the most important rule? Happiness. 

One of my former employers asked me once: ''Are you happy?'' 

The question was out of the blue but it sparked an interesting conversation. I have always been very happy, or in Dutch, ''Gelukkig.'' Until one period in my life that I was living in Bangkok for my exchange. My time there took an unexpected turn as I got ill from parasites and could not make the city my home. Those two combined, my high energy levels and positive Polly attitude, changed completely. I had two more months to finish my exchange and was at a crossroad on either sticking it through or choosing happiness and going back home to regain strength. This also meant much uncertainty in my study (possible delay). I made the decision to come home and it was a difficult three month period as the parasite had drained me completely, together with the shock of not having the Bangkok experience I imagined. Coming back home, taking the risk, regaining strength had me realise that happiness should be the number one priority. It was until I had my first adulthood fall (not including puberty years... too many... too confused... lol) to realise what a win felt like. 

This is me, mid-20s, still wandering through life chaotic and all... as these are the years that are considered to be experimental and discovering oneself. Only, to have found that happiness should be everyone's measure of success. 

Therefore, I do not do things that make me unhappy. To fulfill the needs of someone else, job wise, school wise etc. and it is a nice (not easy) way to live. I say not easy, as it can be scary to truly pursue what you want or go out-of-society's-box. It's different, but it is YOUR life. Why not choose to live it being happy.

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Young and Delusional
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