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You're So Close!

Getting Yourself Over That Hill

Mountains of Norway

Filled with enthusiasm and fire but can't seem to use it correctly for your goals?

You aren't alone! I am just one person out of hundreds of people who want to succeed badly but sometimes struggle to use it efficiently enough in a way that progresses your dreams and aspirations. I've learned over the past half year of ways to suppress, and even take control of procrastination and insecurities to provide the most satisfaction out of my progress and production.

If you're like me, you have that fire in your soul and mind that wants to be a success story at such a young age, but you just struggle to consistently build your goals with a plan. I've built plans, goals, dreams, and lists of things I needed to do to see progress, with no positive outcomes and that's what I'm also here to explain and assure others of being strayed away from the idea that "you too can be a success story, yes, YOU!"

Being young and inexperienced like ourselves, we don't really feel like we have a shot. That's when we assume we're "stuck" and "not made for this" type of work ethic or discipline. That's the dumbest thing you could tell yourself. That's ultimately the cause of not trying, or even giving up when you're so close. If you care what others think, then you won't be able to try new things because of it. Give up your ego and insecurities and allow yourself to pursue the ONLY life you have on this planet and make it a memorable one. Don't let up on your dreams because of one hater who claims to be a friend or peer, decides to tell you that it's a stupid idea or that you won't get anywhere with it because others already have. 

What our brains think is not under our control... But what we do with said thoughts is 110 percent our responsibility with how we choose to entertain or deliberate on those thoughts. Do you feel crappy about yourself? What you do with that thought is your decision and yours only. It's not your voice in your head that's telling you that you're not worth shit. That's the voice that you grew up manifesting in. Either through your parents, your classmates, friends, and even just by viewing society's unhinged standards on what a "hot, cool person" is. If you start to believe or think about those thoughts, that will settle into your mind and heart and you'll begin to act like that.

Throw out that voice. Put your own voice in there, but with motivating words and ideas. If you want to believe you're pretty, then literally say it out loud to yourself over and over and over. If you want confidence, tell yourself why you should be confident, and why you can get that job or talk to that cute person. Give up the bullshit ego and depression and live your life the way YOU choose while you're still physically and mentally able to.

I appreciate the time you've taken to read my story! Don't give up on yourself, and don't walk this road to happiness and success alone! Find people with the same passion and perseverance as yourself.

I would appreciate feedback and commentary on what you thought or how my story affected you, negatively or positively! I can be reached in a few different ways.

Instagram: @crazyboiispencer_

Kik: @Espiinzer

E-mail: [email protected]

If you would like to support my content for future use, I do take donations, but I don't want to push you for them! I appreciate the responses and comments on what you thought of my process. Get in touch with me and tell me about yourself! I love making new friends! Have a good day, everyone!

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You're So Close!
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