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You Don't Need 100k+ Followers to Be an Influencer

You can just be yourself. You can be just a normal person and still change the world.

In the age of social media, influencers, and being a part of a generation that puts high emphasis on likes, followers, and the perfect Instagram feed, it is possible that we forget the impact and the influence we can all have on each other. 

You don't need 150,000 followers on Instagram to have influence in today's world. You just need to be yourself. Everyone has an influence on those that are around them, whether it's big or small. Any one can change the world around them. I know that it's hard to grasp that concept on a daily basis since we have become so accustomed to judging ourselves based off followers, comments, and likes—but, you can and do have influence. 

When I first went public with my story about being a sexual assault survivor I had a friend ask me, "Patrick, what is it about telling your story is important to you? What do you want to get out of telling it?" I was floored, I had literally no idea why I felt it was so important. I told that friend that at that moment I didn't really have a full understanding and that I wanted to think about it. 

I wanted to tell my story, and to be authentically myself, fully transparent about my struggles because I knew that there were potentially followers of mine, or friends of mine that were battling some of the same things that I was. I have friends that have massive followings because of their blogs and from being on television shows, and I have always admired their commitment to bringing awareness to their struggles as human beings, to causes, charities or movements that are important to them. I don't have nearly the amount of followers or influence as they do, but what I did come to realize is that I have an influence in my own way. 

I don't need a number on my Instagram profile, or to have a blue checkmark next to my name to know that I have pull over those around me. We all have influence on those around us. Whether it's posting an inspirational quote, if it's just texting a friend that you've grown apart from to check in and see how they're doing, smiling at a random person on the street as you walk past. You and I have the ability to influence the world around us in a positive way. 

I don't have to be the perfect person, I don't have to pretend to have it all together, I just have to be unapologetically myself—and so do you. You don't have to ever be something that you're not. Know your worth, know what you bring to the table, know why people love you for you and know that kindness is the only option we should have. We can all influence the world around us, and I encourage all of you today, to do that, to go out into this world and make a difference in whatever way you can—because no one else can do it like you can! 

Go out today and influence the world in whatever way you can, you are an influencer and you are important! 

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You Don't Need 100k+ Followers to Be an Influencer
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