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You Can’t Do That

Self growth should never be determined by anyone BUT yourself.

Six months ago I had a small human. I had a good paying job, and my husband and I bought our first house. All yay’s right? WRONG. 

I’ve spent six months watching my tiny human grow, develop, and learn and it has been the most exciting and awarding experience of my life. BUT, it also has shown me that I want more for his little life. And I want more for MY life. So I asked around, family and friends, on what they thought I could do or what they have done in their lives. I asked them what excited them, and if they wish for more? Oh boy I was not ready for their answers.

I shat you not, every darn one said, “Oh my dreams went out the window when I had my children,” or “I do what pays.” ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? How depressing and empty they must feel. This made me very skeptical and made me wonder if I would have a chance to do something “more” with my life. I asked an in law about an online business venue. She said to me “oh you won’t have any time with the baby here. Maybe just stick to what you know.” Yep, she completely shot me down. All of this got me thinking...

I am the creator of my own destiny, I build my life and my future, just as my husband and I built our baby boy. These people are crazy and I am not going to let them deter me from greatness. So I got my laptop out and I started googling; hobbies, jobs from home, and exciting interests. This is what I found:

  • blogging/vlogging 
  • photography
  • diy/crafting
  • movie/book reviews
  • beauty product promotion/sales
  • health and wellness sales

That is just to name a few. I have never done any of these things, but you know what? That was the point of my new adventure, to try new things! So I picked two things I would try, and that related to my interests. 

Blogging/vlogging, and health and wellness sales. You want to know what guys? I fell in love. I’ve been blogging for about a month, and I cannot stop. Whether it be parenting, politics, or poetry, I’m typing my little heart out—and now getting paid! 

As for the health and wellness sales, I have just started up and already seen so many incentives and have learned so many new things. I’m developing a customer base and although I’m not yet making millions (hehe) I’ve made back what I put in so far! And I got a bunch of free merchandise. ALL BECAUSE I DIDN'T LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE NANCIES! (No offense to any Nancies reading this.) I have the personality for it but I would have never known if I hadn't tried! 

Guys, my main goal in writing this particular piece is, If you feel like you want something more in your life, no matter how big or small, GO FOR IT. All of those people who said I couldn’t succeed or grow, they were wrong. And they are stuck in their pessimistic world of settling, while I’m out here thriving for more and doing what makes me happy every day. Just as I hope my baby will grow to do. Never let anyone tell you you can’t, or that something is stupid or pointless. That’s their opinion, not your path. 


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You Can’t Do That
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