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Work Will Still Be There Tomorrow

Why We Should Press Pause and Enjoy Our Lives

As I watch the sun kissed popplers sway in the morning breeze at the campsite, I see families pack up their belongings to head back to their lives. For some, this weekend was an annual vacation. For others, it may have been the last time they'll be together as a family before they tell the kids about the divorce tomorrow. For the couple in the cabin, it may be a last hurrah to see if they still have any remnants of a flame to spark the fire back to life in their relationship. For the family in the green tent this may be their last trip with Grandpa before he's no longer able to get around on his own. For the family in the tan camper, it may be a celebration of Sammy's graduation and their Mom just wanted all the kids together one more time before he leaves for college. And maybe Sarah's in the blue trailer and her husband works on the road so she left the kids with Grandma so she and Dan could have some one-on-one time. Because of life's crazy schedule they haven't been able to find any alone time in awhile and they aren't sure what's left of their marriage.

Regardless of the circumstances, taking a break from the day-to-day routine can be so much more than just a break. It can be an escape, pushing pause on the stresses of life and just getting away. It could be the marking of the end of an era, or a celebration of what lies ahead. Whatever it is, it's much needed and if we don't take the time for weekends like this then what is it all for?

Everything we have,

everything we do,

everything we work for,

everything we are,

could be gone in the blink of an eye. So if we never take the time to actually enjoy it, then what's the purpose of all our weekday efforts? What are we working and striving for that is so important that we can't stop for even one night and enjoy the present? The truth is nothing. There is nothing that is so important that we can't take a moment and breathe in the beauty that is our life. The beauty of our family, our friends, a walk in the park, a laugh in the pool with the kids. There's nothing so important in the future that we can't take a few moments to enjoy the here and now. One of the only guarantees that we have in life is the here and now, so why not soak it up and live? We can get back to work tomorrow, we can get back to stressing, budgeting, planning, but there's no guarantee that we can get back to that last stroll with Grandpa tomorrow. There's no assurance that we can get back to Billy who's begging to toss the ball with his daddy, or to Rachel, who's pleading for her mommy to watch her dive in the pool. All the money in the world can never get those moments back... and the truth is, Grandma isn't going to be here for too much longer and one day Rachel and Billy are going to be all grown up and they won't want to play with you anymore. The things that seem so small and even at times inconvenient will all be gone someday. I can guarantee that one day you will wish for nothing more than to have those precious tiny moments back. So what's more important to you? Ask yourself that in the quiet of you mind... and then choose wisely.

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Work Will Still Be There Tomorrow
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