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Why I Don't Give a Sh*t What People Think

Here is why I appreciate an opinion, but quite frankly, do not give a shit what people think about me. And why you shouldn't either.

So, you want to make a judgement of me.


I used to be the girl that would stare at the floor when people looked at me. The slightest nasty comment would tear me to shreds. I'd hate myself for weeks. One day that all changed for me, not sure when, but it did. I look at things in a very different way these days, and it's the right way.

So you want to judge me?

I make a mistake. The person who wants to judge me has certainly made many mistakes.

I do something awkward. I guarantee the person who wants to judge me has waved at someone who wasn't waving at them once before.

I air my dirty laundry. The person who wants to judge me has never told somebody else their private business, no?

The person who wants to judge me for crying in public, goes home and cried themselves to sleep each night.

The person who wants judge my weight gain, probably doesn't count calories either.

The girl who slags me to the ground for not leaving a bad relationship, gets butterflies when her piece of shit ex asks her to meet up.

The teacher who said that wasn't my best work, has finished an essay in 25 minutes on a Sunday night once or twice.

The women who are shocked at my lingerie photoshoots, post pictures in bikinis on holiday twice a year.

The person who wants to call you two faced, has definitely made a comment about somebody else behind their back before.

The single mother who wants to judge me on how many nights out I have in a month, yet given the chance to get a babysitter and a few glasses of wine would be on it like a car bonnet.

Even if a crowd of people wanted to judge me, I would single them all out as individuals. All people with their own issues, demons and dramas.

People like to judge and make comments, when they are scared to look at themselves.

They aren't me. They aren't you. They are them. Not a single person on this Earth has been in the EXACT same situations, felt the same pain or struggles. We are all on our own paths that are meant to be taken alone. How can I judge somebody else's journey, when I have no idea what the trail has been like?

People will judge what they don't understand. And that's fine. But you don't owe them the explanation.

Most of the time, the people that make judgements about you don't even really care about you. They just need a distraction from their own lives. And I know that's true, because I was once that person.

Ask yourself why, why does it matter what somebody else thinks? Consider your own thoughts. How hugely important and life shattering do you think your small judgement on somebody really is? I can guarantee it passes within minutes, and you get back to your own lives and troubles. And this is exactly what happens when somebody makes a judgement of you, too.

It doesn't even matter! Not to them, and it shouldn't to you. It's not a nice feeling to think somebody is judging you, or making you out to be something you aren't. But how much should the opinion of another human being impact your own life?

How much do you think YOUR opinions should impact somebody else's life? All very self-explanatory.

We are human beings. We judge naturally. It's what we do. But let's try to question things more than we make a judgement. In fact, let's focus more on ourselves and a lot less on everybody else's choices.

So, you want to judge me?

Cool, because I don't give a sh*t.

And neither should you.

One of my many mottos that keep me sane and grounded to this day...

"Welcome a question, dismiss a judgement."

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Why I Don't Give a Sh*t What People Think
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