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Why Did You Start?

Keeping Yourself Motivated Throughout

Why did you start?

What made you give up junk food and sugar? What made you start going to the gym? What made you take a full slate of college classes? What makes you do what you do?

That is the question to fuel your life goals changing them into life plans. Why don't you give up? Why don't you just let go of those "unreachable" dreams and aspirations? Or... why Are you giving up? Why aren't you doing more than you did the day before? We have a well-sized amount of life left, but that can all change in a second. Your choices every single second of the day is what reaches your plans. Success stories aren't made overnight. Models, millionaires, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs aren't made overnight.

They work daily, endlessly to build the life they're now living. A person as normal as you, is exactly what that entrepreneur is, but with an extra boost of motivation and courage. A few months ago my life was dull and repetitive with nothing going for me besides sleeping and working and repeat. Four months later, I now have a changed eating habit, a personal e-commerce brand in the works, a mechanical technician career on the way, a solid career, and weekly planned workout and weight-lifting sessions.

Whatever gets you fired up, you need to use it now! Hustling and grinding with the focus of just money will be the downfall to many motivated people. We don't get to relive or rewrite our past, so grind for happiness. Ultimately that's what matters in your life. If you're living a life every single day where you're either going to work for something you love, or if you're focusing on goals of things that you know will leave you fulfilled and make you happy, then that's what winning is. Money can buy you whatever you want, but like the great Jim Carrey once said..." I wish everyone could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of so they would understand that's not the answer."

Use the question "Why did you start?" as a catapult for every start to your day. I plastered it up on the side of my wall so it's one of the first things I see in the morning to motivate myself to accomplish my goals for That day. I understand completely the fears and procrastination of everyone who doesn't know what or how to accomplish their dreams. That's where I was not too long ago. I was stuck in a world of caring what others would think about me if I did this or that and I was worried of failing myself.

Giving yourself the ability to try any and everything you might need to accomplish your goals is exactly how you grow as a human being and success. No one will come along and give you what you want, that's called reality. Choose every day to change yourself for the better, and to accomplish at least one thing a day to get you closer to your goals. Make sure you feel you've improved on yourself from the day before. Mental health is the strategy to your success. Nothing else matters until you get your mental and emotional strength in tact to propel your dreams farther than you could have ever imagined before.

Give yourself the ability to fight for what you want. Don't take yourself out of the game just because you Think you can't make it. You owe it to yourself to be the best person you were made to be, which is successful and happy.

Now ask yourself: "Why did I start?"

Thank you for reading my latest story! I've been focusing on new story ideas lately and I love to bring inspiration to those who are unmotivated and unhappy with their situations. You are not alone!

I would love and prefer to hear your reaction, your feelings, and your thoughts about this motivation story. I want to hear the positives, the negatives, and in between. Criticize what you didn't like about it, compliment what you did. I accept every and all responses to my work to better myself.

Instagram: @crazyboiispencer_
Email: [email protected]

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Why Did You Start?
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