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What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Observe, focus, plan, execute.

Credit: Unsplash

We all have moments in our lives where we feel absolutely stuck in life. We're lost, confused, and chances are we ask ourselves:

"How in the world did I get here?"

Our own decisions that we make in our lives create a sort of ripple effect. It affects all of our decisions and some we don't even realize. From the small decisions in our lives to the larger ones, these decisions change our course and direction.

Indeed, even the small changes can alter our course forever and even asking the most basic of questions like what to wear can change our day and our life.

But not that many people really consider these questions. A lot of people don't really look into those things into that much detail. I don't blame you.

But when it comes to getting unstuck in your life, these type of things are worth bringing to the surface. The reason for that is so many of us put little thought or consideration into them.

We're quick to decide what to do in the morning without a second thought. And yet people who have broken their routine and done at least something different have achieved something greater.

To get unstuck, things need to change.

A routine is normal for a lot of us, but any person who is building habits and is growing themselves knows that there needs to be variety. Even if the habit is good for you, there needs to be some variation of it to keep you interested.

I know from my own experiences that writing as much as I have takes its toll. The only reason I am able to consistently post, though, is thanks to mixing things up.

You may be happy with how things generally are. You might have a good routine going and things are looking up. And yet if you are feeling stuck, chances are that what's keeping you there is something small.

In those situations, you don't need to make massive life changing decisions. However, a few small shifts can make a difference in your life.

If you exercise in the morning, challenge yourself by doing more reps or try a different exercise.

If you order a coffee at your favourite coffee shop, get a smaller cup of coffee or get tea or water.

There is always something that you can do to mix things up and it can lead to something great and a nice change of pace for yourself.

To really get unstuck, change your thinking and life.

That being said, not every person can get by with those small changes. Some people feel stuck due to a variety of things, some of which is in their control while a fair bit may not be. In those situations, you need to be changing your thinking as well as your life.

It's difficult to get unstuck if you refuse to change how you want to live your life. In those cases, change needs to come and it needs to be larger.

I'm not talking about a change of scenery. I'm thinking a change in perspective that'll shift your life forever. To do that, it's a matter of finding that sore spot.

Much like with small changes, the idea is to find what is giving you this feeling of being stuck. Perhaps it's the routine, but what exactly is the routine that you're doing?

For small changes, it's more of the tiny aspects—the qualities of life. For larger ones, it's more environmental, as in where you choose to be both mentally and physically.

If you're stuck because your job is too much, you need to be changing your thinking. Perhaps things will change if you are getting higher pay, or perhaps a higher position to go along with it. Or maybe it's the business itself and you need a career change or change of companies.

Regardless of the situation, it's important to look at it and look at yourself. Are you happy or fulfilled with where your life is going? If not, what sort of change is needed to make life more fulfilling for you?

We get stuck because we neglect the hard questions. We coast through life with little expectations because we choose to bury them as opposed to treasure and hold onto them.

Start by asking those questions and taking the time to answer them. From there, it's a matter of setting goals and making consistent effort to break your routine on a daily basis.


Getting unstuck is within our power. Even with situations out of our control, we can choose to change where our attention is. But that topic is for another post. Instead, focus on getting unstuck by looking at what you value and care for and what's going to help you get there.

To your growth!

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What to Do When You Feel Stuck
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