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What Is Life?

Embracing who you are will make it all worthwhile.

A beautiful bee in St. Charles at peace with itself and it’s life. 

Life is a very weird and complicated thing. No one can truly understand what it is or how it works, or why it even exists. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t live it to the fullest. 

This isn’t meant to be taken very seriously, nor is it written to upset or offend anyone. This is basically my mind when I have nothing else going on. So please read it and enjoy my thoughts on life and how to be as peaceful as that tiny but oh so precious bee.

Everyone goes through tough times and are faced with decisions that can alter everything they once knew. Things change. It’s just a part of living. But don’t let something, no matter how bad or horrifying, negatively change who you are. 

I believe that life is meant to be lived your own way. No one should determine who you are or how you act. Only you can do that. And only you can make your life worth something. Don’t rely on a family member or a friend to make a difference in your life. You have to do that yourself. And if you’re lost, it’s okay. There is no reason to give up on what you believe in. If you don’t know where you are going in this thing called life, that is okay. Do not stress yourself out. And if you don’t know the meaning of life, don’t worry. It’s also okay. And do you want to know why it’s okay? Because no one is perfect. And life isn’t meant to be perfect. Life is meant to be lived the way you want it to.

Mistakes are a given; everyone makes mistakes at more than one point in their life. So why stress about it? Why beat yourself up over something that had the ability of being messed up in the first place? You need to make peace with you are, and yes, you must love yourself. And as silly as it sounds, you also need to embrace your mistakes. They make you who you are. 

Another thing that makes you who you are is the people you surround yourself with. You cannot be surrounded by awful people who hurt you physically, emotionally, or mentally and expect to turn out alright. You need people who can guide you and support you on this journey. Surrounding yourself with people who love you will help mold you into who you were always meant to be. It’ll make life worth it. 

Honestly I think we should all live life like that of a bee. You should spread good — spread what the world needs. And do not harm unless it is absolutely necessary to survive. Think about it. Bees do not sting things when they are at peace. They fly around and pollinate and make the world a better place. Without bees, not much would happen in the world of plants. Same goes for humans. Without you, not much will go on in the world. Period. 

There are so many people out there who think that they are worthless or that there is no point to life. And I know the feeling oh too well. But let me tell you, it does have a meaning. You just have to find it. But don’t make that your mission or anything. It’ll come on it’s own. And worth is not something that should get tossed around like it does. Everyone is worth it. Absolutely no one is worthless. And one you accept this, your life will be full of peace and bliss. And again, this is all just my thoughts. Don’t take this too seriously and don’t get upset if things don’t always go your way. Advice isn’t always perfect, just like life.

 Life should be about learning and growing, loving and experiencing new things. Don’t give up on it if it’s not going your way. And if you have to, change it. But change it for yourself, no one else. Make peace with who you are; be who you want to be. It’s okay to live however you want to. 

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What Is Life?
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