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What Is Holding You Back?

Are we complicating our ability to succeed?

How often do you say "I should" to yourself? I was contemplating this concept as I was teaching this to a client who constantly focuses on their flaws instead of their strengths. But really don't we all do this? I should be cleaning right now. I should be a CEO by now. I should have a larger savings. I should be as good of a mom as Amy. Should, should, should. Such a self deprecating concept. And worse more comparative. How in one word can be admonish ourselves while comparing our status to ideals and thus begin us on a spiraling path of worry and anxiety.

Society SHOULD

In our society we are bombarded with "shoulds." Social Media is filling our heads with them. You "should" be feeding your kids this or buying this or being that. This noise is so easy to listen to most time we don't even recognize we are taking on this narrative. But we are. If for a moment we sat in silence and discovered how we really felt we would create our own narrative and begin to question the one being given.

The best way to eliminate these "shoulds" is by thinking first if they are rational or irrational. If its rational, as in I should take that trash out for trash day tomorrow. By all means take out that trash! But if it is irrational we need to start changing these negative thoughts to more positive productive ones.

Sound Easy?

Sounds easy in theory right? But actually implementing it is hard and often tiresome. It take dedication and setting aside time to think about these thoughts and how to change them daily. It's going to take some time but in the end positive thoughts are our ticket to success!

When you have positive thoughts you gain the confidence in yourself to succeed in your daily life. When you might not have wanted to do that early morning workout, now with your positive thoughts it seems like a much more doable test. People say it all the time but "Mind over Matter" truly is real. So I implore you all to give it a try the next time you notice your saying, I should, I can't, I'm not, change them to I will, I can, I am! Some one the most successful people do and that is the key that many of us have been missing.

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What Is Holding You Back?
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