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What Does It Mean to Show up in Life?

To improve who we are starts inward and expands outward.

A balanced life is actively healing 

What does it mean to "Show up for ourselves?" (raising one eyebrow in wonder). Showing up isn't just putting action behind a thought, we can all put on a uniform sort of speak and head to the office. We can create a vision board and execute like any effective leader. "Showing up" is hard work but if we are to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we have to awaken to who we are and develop the right approach when it comes to our well-being.

What does it mean to awaken? Naturally, the mind pictures a human awakening from the creational system as a Homosapien on this planet, but digging a bit deeper here—it is examining our existing connection to the supreme consciousness and how we are aligning our true selves on our road to discovery. It also involves who we are and how to be happy through the changing throughout life.

We talked about the INNER CHILD in the last article, why is this relevant again? The inner child is who we are we never truly outgrow this part of ourselves. We can look at the most famous people today and notice if their inner child is wounded or detached. For instance, you have the "unsatisfied with just one partner," the "frivolous spender," or the "shocking mid-life crisis"—these are moments we like to feed the inner child with external gifts or illiberal behavior patterns, so what's happening here? The outer child is acting to the inner child feelings—we have convinced ourselves this is bliss. Similarly, it's like giving a child sugar after a traumatic moment.

There will come a time when the inner child requires parenting. If you recall it's our responsibility to parent this childlike ego, we can educate ourselves using selective knowledge couple with spiritual clarity, or we can put ourselves through so many heart-yanking moments/lessons in life that will inevitably cause some form of suffering. Eventually, our psyche will become more aware; subconsciously activating a defense technique that may continue to keep us blind to the energies and vibrations around us. By cultivating a sense of chastity, we will be able to recognize when the inner child projects toxicity and when others are projecting toxicity on to us. To show up for ourselves is being aware of our moment and loving ourselves the right way at that moment ON PURPOSE!

Here are a few tips on how to kickstart the inner/outer child balance—the road to healing the unseen essentials:

  1. Develop a conscience by practicing integrity.
  2. Work—be ethically sound; there are no shortcuts to doing the right thing.
  3. Personal goals—not shaming but encouraging.
  4. Be fair and do what resonates with you, not someone else.
  5. Create external boundaries around this new understanding.
  6. Earnestly listen to the conscience we begun to train; there's a saying a wise person knows what to do and DO THEM!
  7. Have empathy and compassion for ourselves and others around us.
  8. In the moment of hurt take notice how you comfort yourself.
  9. Focus on healing—there's no perfect human.

I hope this has been a great reading experience for you, please share these great articles with friends and family±to improve who we are starts inward and expands outward—like a seed planted into the ground—a seed is good as its soil. 

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What Does It Mean to Show up in Life?
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