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Ways to Help You Follow Your Dream

Can I really do this?

Hello everyone!

Life is weird, isn't it? You are told to that you have to do things out of obligation just so you can get to where you want to be or do what you want to do. In the middle of that process, you are put in a situation that makes you feel trapped. I want you all to know that even though circumstances may have a handle on our lives in most cases, we can still keep a positive attitude and go after passions and goals!

I want to share a little about myself before I list a few things that can help with your mindset and ways to take action. I am Jarrod Foster, I am currently 26 years old. My personal goals and passions are entrepreneurship, screenwriting, and acting. I have made plenty of mistakes in the past three years while going 100 percent towards what I want. I started a business with a few partners which I am providing a link for. I have also taken many steps in the entertainment and acting industry, already booking work and growing my brand. I am here to tell you if there is anything I learned it is that you will start to see and feel the difference once you make that decision to go after it. You deserve more than 50 percent of your efforts. Okay, here is a list of ways to help with taking that first step!

The Happy Anxiety

What you want to do is find or realize what are the things that give you that adrenaline rush and excitement when you do it. When you have a skill and you know you are good at it, or it makes you feel calm, that is a signal of what direction to go to. A lot of people have a question of what is it they actually are good at or want to do. If you enjoy it to where you don't need to be paid and you lose track of time while doing it, then that is a good indication.

Positive Surroundings

Unfortunately, some people decide to make a decision based on others' fear. It could be from looking at statistics, from strangers who discourage them, or from loved ones who either tried, failed, and quit, or for some strange reason don't want you to succeed. It is important to surround yourself with like-minded people who have a similar thought process as you. They don't necessarily have to want to do exactly what you want to do, but people who are open to risk and change can help each other with suggestions and connections that can create growth. Also, they'll know what you are going through so there is less judgment.


Make a decision that this is something you are going to commit to. I find it funny how people will commit and go 200 percent for their jobs, other people's dreams and ideas but question themselves. We all have hiccups and all go off track, but commitment is about leaving a wheel on that track and rolling yourself back on to get to your destination. No matter how fast or slow you are going, it's your own pace. Everyone has their own pace, time, and definition of success. Guess what, if you stop, time, businesses, people's judgment, and everything else will keep on going. So don't stop!

Be comfortable.

You ever had on the perfect outfit that just gave you most confidence you've ever had? Or what about fulfilling that craving you had at 1:00 AM and you just had to go out and get that burger that could not be substituted by anything else? Well, when you finally get those things there is this warm secure feeling that you have that I'm pretty sure releases some kind of endorphins and triggers other nerves (I'm no scientist, this isn't what this is about) which is the experience you should have when you are going after or enjoying what you love to do. The excitement, pleasure, challenge, and intangible rewards that come with it is surely worth it.

Hopefully, this made you feel somewhat better about how or what it should take to make that decision to transition and go after what you want. Everything I say or write also applies to me as well, so let's make sure we all work hard every day, use our time wisely and don't take for granted. 

Way Out Solutions LLC

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Ways to Help You Follow Your Dream
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