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Waves of Life

Learn to surf or swim, there's more than one way to survive.

Jump in and have faith.

Life has a funny way of letting us all know it is in total control.  Just like the deep blue see sending waves to shore, life has its own way of showing us its power in waves.

Think about how many times in life you have seemingly had everything going your way.  A few moments in time where you believe you have cracked the secret formula to happiness.  Then out of nowhere, life hits you with a wave of uncertainty and heartache.

Many times in my life I have ventured for bigger and better things only to end up back at what felt like the beginning.  I would then sit and dwell on where I went wrong.  I forced myself into a bubble that just floated in time.  Time wasted that I not only misused but undervalued.  Time that could have and should have been spent focused on positivity.

You see, the biggest lesson in life that I have learned is that it takes numerous failures to climb one step towards success.  Failing over and over again is something most people cannot handle.  That's why so many people abandon their dreams and settle for a more safe destination.  An entrepreneur does not have this option.  We were wired to KNOW that we were meant for big things in life.  

An entrepreneur is a special human being; someone strong enough and with so much belief in themselves that they are willing to fail as many times as it takes to reach success.  And yes, the failures hurt the same no matter who or what you are.  Eventually, the failures become our best friend.  We learn to evaluate each aspect of a slip-up and push forward even harder with newly acquired knowledge and skill.

Those that are able to settle for less than their dreams and still find that true happiness in life, well, those people are truly blessed and courageous.  It may sound like they are weak or quick to give up on their dreams but that certainly is not the case.  The truth is, for most people a dream is just that.  It is more of a thought or a "wouldn't it be nice" scenario.  These people don't define their existence by their dreams.

An entrepreneur has no choice in the matter.  Their dreams are engrained deep within their souls.  To give up on their dreams is to give up on life in general.  The confusion between the different types of people is just a simple disconnect in understanding.  

Some entrepreneurs see others as weak or giving up on their dreams and it hits us hard.  We pity those people but also see a comfort in their decision.  Some people see entrepreneurs as crazy dreamers that will never reach the end of the rainbow.  They think it is a massive waste of precious time to chase such big ideas.  

The truth is, our world needs both types of people to succeed in a million different ways.  Factory workers, engineers, scientists, and every service industry in the world is crucial to an entrepreneur's success.  Without people pumping out technology and people to run various aspects of business, an entrepreneur will have a lot further to go to reach their dreams.  On the opposite spectrum, people are needed to push the limits and grow businesses to new heights to create more need for people to work on the underlying necessities.

Let us all understand the needs of individuals and support their dreams. Take time to think about what it is like in each other's shoes.  We all have amazing capabilities within us and the only failures are those that don't recognize that.  We all need each other for survival and happiness, so why do we spend so much time ripping each other apart?