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Volunteer Work

This article functions as a kick in the pants to get it done already.

I have several ideas on how to volunteer my time in my city. I can become a volunteer reading tutor, which would be a great experience to add to my resume. I need to do something with my time besides writing. I also need to join city council at some point. The library also needs library service volunteers, which I can also do. I’m looking to do something with my time daily besides my career readiness classes. I want to join my homeowners' association group for example. I can also take a disaster readiness class because I really need to put together a disaster readiness kit before the next earthquake hits. I was also thinking about starting up a routine with volunteering for NAMI.

Eventually, I want to run for office and become a city council member. I might wind up going to a food bank as well as volunteering my time for that food bank. Being a reading tutor, however, is the best use of my academic skills as well as something that gets me practicing going every day to a place until I get used to it. There are many volunteer opportunities in my town’s colleges as well. There is also an opportunity to volunteer at a community garden.

I’m also looking for ways to volunteer my time and help the homeless or teach low-income families how to learn English. I can do creek cleanups as well as graffiti and litter cleanups. The opportunity I was most enthusiastic in my past about was teaching other people how to read. I would be good at this as I read and try to read many books a year. I practically keep a booklist on my USB drive that tells me how much I read. I have to be wary about how much I take on though. I can’t overload myself. Hence why I’m taking only one class per month now at Work 2 Future.

I’m interested in volunteering at food banks since I need food from them myself anyhow as I’m very low income but I’ve saved money this month. The YWCA has ample volunteer opportunities for me as well. I would like to get more involved in domestic violence training as well as education and outreach. I’m trying to figure out how to give myself more spoons, energy, more stuff to do, more time to do it in. Volunteer work would make me not stay home all day in addition to getting something done with my time that I can put on my resume. I have time on my hands with stuff like writing needing to be done but also to volunteer my time, which is a great thing to put on your resume.

I have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity before, and this is another option in San Jose, but only when I get my knee back. I have also volunteered for a community garden before. I’m interested in many volunteer opportunities, which are within easy reach of how I can get to them. The Red Cross has writing volunteer opportunities as do they have social media care volunteer work. I don’t think I could stand being a spokesperson. The whole point of volunteering involves finding a way to give back to your community, as well as a way to bolster your resume. While this heinous flu is going around, I’m not going to volunteer at any medical centers anytime soon but I did find an article about the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where they need staff for the medical library. Since one of the things I want to do with my life is study medicine, as in psychiatry, neurology, genetics, and endocrinology to function as a consultant, I have decided on the no-touch fields as touching people makes me a touch paranoid. They also have a category for spiritual care services. I intend on applying at some point but these are all my options for volunteer work. 

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Volunteer Work
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