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Topics About Success

Short Answers to Success-Related Questions

It's always about stepping out of your comfort zone and standing out from the crowd to ensure your definition of success. (Photo via Tumblr)

Should we be sharing our failures online, just as we do our successes?

Employers, recruiters, and other types of professionals all appreciate honesty a lot more than we give them credit for. A big part of that is being open about reality: Not everything takes off or works out the way we want them to.

Regardless of whether or not we can be necessarily blamed for our failures, this is the opportunity for us to explain what we've learned or how we overcame that pitfall and demonstrate either our adaptability to a circumstance or our ability to solve the root problem. Issues do and will come up at work; you have to prove you are open to dialogue and ready for anything.

So, yes, you should absolutely share as much of your journey as you can - both the good and bad.

Those who don't make mistakes, don't make as much as they think.

The truth is, there is no such thing as loss—only gain. A mistake can only be considered unfortunate if you deem it so. View it instead as an opportunity to improve or build upon a concept that has the potential to be successful, just with a greater knowledge base that you've created with experience and an exploration of ideas.

Do we ever forget the things we've accomplished overtime?

Sometimes we find that we're so wrapped up in working on our next big project that we don't remember to appreciate what we've done before. While it is important to continue developing our craft and contributing to a greater transformation, we must also look back on why we were so eager to do what we do in the first place when we're feeling overwhelmed. The idea isn't always to create more, but to create better.

Why can't we just learn something once, and know it in its entirety forever?

Skills and subjects can and do change overtime; otherwise, we'd be closed off to so many ways of thinking and possibilities for transformative storytelling. You won't ever stop learning and developing your values; you'll find that you wouldn't want to.

It's okay to embrace failure.

We are at our most humble and caring when we're figuring out how to get somewhere. We know we aren't the best, but we're so determined to get this one thing right that nothing can stop us. We may otherwise get carried away and feel less inspired to do much else since we might be having too much fun riding high.

Never forget how it felt to make a difference and boost your self-esteem in the process. Success is only as relevant as your integrity is, and one of the worst feelings ever is to lose your sense of self in the glory.

Why do people leave good jobs?

Ambition and adventure are risky yet rewarding; they challenge our emotional range and value orientation. There inevitably comes a time when even things that go well for us don't give us the same feelings we had in the beginning, because while they might check all of our boxes, they don't give us much more to think about.

Perhaps there are jobs out there that offer something we didn't think we'd need, and inspire us to do things we probably would've have thought about before.

With so many resources available, why aren't we all successful?

The problem with having too much at our fingertips is that we have this expectation that it'll all be done for us, or that only minimal effort on our part is required since technology is supposedly so "smart" that it'll figure out the rest. Who created the technology? We did. Who conceptualized notions of success? We did. So we should care enough to contribute the very attributes that define personal goal achievement in the first place.

Don't ever give up, no matter how hard it seems.

After it's all said and done, we learn that we have much to learn, and that there's never a "good" time to do anything. It's up to us to decide what we'll do about it and devise a plan to achieve it, if we care enough. It'll never go anywhere; nothing can go against us unless we say it does or let it happen. Don't focus on the difficulties in your path; focus on how eager you are to overcome them. 

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Topics About Success
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