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To New Beginnings

And New Adventures

Hi there!

I figured I would start things off with a nice short and sweet introduction to who I am and what I’m all about. My goal is to post on Saturday’s but I will have another post going up shortly that is separate from this introduction!

My name is Rebecca, but I don’t typically go by that. It sounds a bit too formal to me and I only use it on rare occasions. Normally people call me Becca, which is my preferred name, and I go by she/her pronouns.

I’m currently 19 years old and in my sophomore year of college. I major is psychology with a minor in sociology. My goal is to one day become a therapist and mental health advocate. School is something I’m very passionate about and spend most of my days engaging in. Definitely a topic of interest!

If you haven’t noticed already, I have bright blue hair. Not your typical hair color, but it makes life A LOT more interesting. I have a tattoo and plan to get more. My appearance is often a topic that has a lot of controversies, but it doesn’t phase me.

I’m passionate about a lot of things that this great big world has to offer. I’ve been involved in musical activities since I can remember. Whether that be in dance classes, choirs, playing the clarinet, writing music, and so much more. Currently, I am part of the marching band offered at my school and have had some of the best moments of my life because of that organization. Music in any respect is something I’m interested in and am always willing to learn about.

Mental health is something also very prominent in my life. It could be from the struggles I am personally facing or advocating against the stigma around it. The brain is so fascinating and is an organ that can get sick just like any other. Yet we are so quick to dismiss its sickness and make it less than it is. When in reality, mental health and illness is something that impacts each and every one of us. Throughout my time on this account, I hope to shed some light on this area even more.

And of course, I have my smaller hobbies that make me happy. I enjoy going to concerts as much as possible. I’m a hardcore Disney fan, with a lifelong dream of becoming a princess. Marvel is FAR BETTER than DC. Captain America, of course, is my absolute favorite. Video gaming is something I wasn’t always the biggest participant in, but over the past few months, I’ve become more invested into that community. And these are just a few. Let me know what are some things you enjoy doing!

With all of these things I enjoy, what type of content can you expect? Of course, mental health will have a strong presence here, but that won’t be the only topic I write about. Popular culture provides an immense amount of topics that can be discussed. Some days it may be talking about what’s hot in the world currently. But sometimes I may include my own personal writings that aren’t article based. In my spare time, I’ve been known to write short excerpts of writing sometimes based on prompts. Poetry is also something I enjoy creating. Both products may find their way onto here as well. My content will hopefully have a bit of something for everyone and I’m always open to suggestions!

That’s all I have for this post, just keeping it short and sweet to introduce myself. Check-in for yet another post, but about something other than myself! I cannot wait to share with you all and thank you for your support.

Stay in touch!

INSTA: @vocal.beccag

Business Email: [email protected]