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Time Is Ticking By

What if today is the last day you have to make a difference?

What if you only had twelve hours left? What if you knew that your time was coming to an end? What would you do? What if it wasn’t even your time on this earth coming to an end, but your time with someone?

Recently, I’ve come to ask myself these questions. If I would have known that it was my last few moments with someone, would I have done things differently?

More times than I would like, I ask myself those questions. These are questions that we should wake up every day and ask ourselves because we never know when our time will come to an end. We never know what the day ahead has planned for us.

This is a horrible example but sometimes I wonder if I would have done anything differently if I knew when my ex-boyfriend was going to break up with me. Would I have been able to value our time together better? I don’t want to go back and change anything about us, honestly. However, if I would have known it was our last few hours together, maybe I would have been nicer. Maybe I would have ignored him less. Maybe I wouldn’t have said those awful things out of anger to him when he dumped me.

You see, we should wake up and treat every day like it is the last. This idea isn’t because it actually could be, but because it will make each day more enjoyable. Where my ex-boyfriend is concerned, I think he ended up breaking up with me because I didn’t treat him like it could be our last bit of time together. Every day, I woke up and took advantage of our relationship. I failed to value the time we had. I think that if I would have valued it more, I would have way more positive memories to take out of the relationship.

This isn’t just some idea that you should apply to just your significant other. You should treat every single person like it is the last time you will ever see them. We honestly do not know when our time will end. Any moment you have with a person could be the last time you ever see them. What do you want their last memory of you to be? If you treat them awful, that will outweigh all the positive memories because it was the very last thing you ever said or did to them. There is a reason they say never go to bed angry. You should always remedy a fight right away. Never leave anger or frustration in the air.

What I’m trying to say is start treating everyone like it’s the last time you’ll ever see them. You never know what a positive impression can do to someone. Maybe, just maybe, that’s the push they needed to have the courage to do something. Maybe they just needed your kind words to help them find their way.

My question to you is, will you start living life like every day is your last day?