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Time for a Change

Important Message for All

I'm sure you are all aware of the "history" we've been taught in school and the effects it has had on us as kids and teens. When I learned about the holocaust, 9/11, slavery, and just the pure hatred for anyone who was different, it really got to me. I don't believe muslims were responsible for the Twin Towers, and I also think Hitler had a different agenda than we were told. As far as slavery and racism...that's a different story—and here's what I think. 

Growing up I wasn't sheltered, and my mom taught me about all cultures. She taught me how to love everyone and anyone who was different because we "all bleed red," she said. It wasn't hard for me to know deep down inside that that's the truth, and we are all equal even though a mass majority of the human population doesn't get treated that way.

I have a mixed older sister who is ten years older than me that I looked up to and wanted to be just like her. Our family never made it seem like we had different colored skin, and I truly believe that's how it should be everywhere. We shouldn't point out "flaws" or the things that make us "different" and make it seem like it's a bad thing. If we all looked the same, how boring would that be? Aside from being boring, we have to remember the true race which is the human race. It honestly grinds my gears when I hear "What race are you?" or on that paper you have to fill out asking your skin color.

I think the main thing people don't realize is that someone or something doesn't want to see us succeed. And by us I mean us as people, humans, a species, or however you look at it. My dream is to see everyone getting along, not only people of different backgrounds, but different countries. America is a very hateful and selfish place, and the longer I have been alive, the more I've been able to see that. It's a shame how other countries hate and fear us. We hype up our country so much, only for what? We like to think we are free, but think about it. Are we really free? My answer is no, we are not free, by having to barely survive and constantly stress over paper money and oh, what are the Kardashians up to? 

I'm going to keep my first story short and end strong, hoping to inspire and change, but my point is, stop being so distracted and wake up. Actually do something about something. If you have a goal, a dream, a vision, then realize that you can do it. You can have everything you need and want, but more importantly, you will.