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Thoughts From a Writer

Heart, Mind, and Soul = Love, Passion, and Art

While watching one of my favorite movies, I came to the realization just how amazing it would be to be able to do what you love every day and night; to dance or play music or sing or draw or even write all day every day. However, it wasn’t until I really thought about it did I really get what was happening to me. For someone like me, I couldn’t possibly write like how someone danced. Both share a part of the soul, as does any passion, but writing is one of those things that could dwindle due to not nurturing. For me, I have all these words and stories playing in my mind like movies, but so rarely am I able to express them like dancers are able to express the music inside them. I understand that dance is nothing like writing, as one involves the body and the other involves the mind, but they both help people showcase the passion they have in their souls. They both help to share beauty in the world.

I left my writing months ago and it was like I lost a part of myself. Writing has always been the saving grace of my life, the one thing I could rely on when I felt the world was against me. Writing has been the thing that saved me from the darkest parts of my life. Without it, I wouldn’t be here. As these months passed without the writing, my mind started to spiral out of control. It was like the thoughts and stories were trying, pleading to be released.

I imagine that’s what it’s like for dancers who can’t dance or singers who can’t sing; that pulling, aching devotion to your art that only grows stronger and stronger as time goes on. Without the outlet of art, I think so many would be lost. Whether by the choices you make or the circumstances given to you, many can’t let the passion, or the music, or the stories out, and I truly believe that’s one of the saddest things in life.

Dancing, singing, drawing, painting, writing are all different, but the same. I truly believe that in the right hands, everything becomes one. With the right words, a story can be told in such a way that makes your mind sing and your heart soar. With the right colors, a still painting can dance with the grace and elegance of the best dancers in history. With the right notes, a wordless piece of music can tell the most intricate stories of love and loss. These arts are how we connect to each other. They are how we showcase our hopes and dreams and our truest, purest souls.

Without the words given to me, without the life gifted to me, my story would be incomplete. The story I want to gift the world is rough, to say the least, with plot holes and broken connections. It started as a young girl’s escape from reality and turned into a story I want to share for those who are like me. I think sometimes perhaps it would be better to give up and drown my story. Maybe it would be better to give up on such a high goal, but then I think of those who were not gifted like I was. Those who can’t write or dance because of what life has given to them.

Without these things, the world would be dull and colorless, and without the ability to share the passion within our hearts and souls, we would be nothing, and we would turn into these lifeless drones that only want to survive and not thrive. I pity those who are so hell-bent on surviving that they forget the music and stories inside of themselves, because I truly believe that that is living in all of us.