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This Year Is For Your Happiest and Healthiest Self

How to become the better you. Change your habits, and it will change your life. The smallest changes make the biggest difference.

Be happy. You only live once ! :)

Let me break it down for you. Want to be happy, healthy, and confident? Follow my steps and it will make a huge difference. Let's get started!

  1. Drink your H20. Drink lots and lots of alkaline water. Alkaline water is really good for your overall health. Your skin will feel super hydrated inside out. Clear skin & healthier you = happy life :)
  2. Eat healthy. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Eat plant based. Your body will show a tremendous difference. 
  3. Work out. Sweat it out. You will feel and look your best when you finish a workout. Your confidence levels will increase the more you exercise. 
  4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You skin craves moisture. You skin was never meant to be dry. Moisturize yourself with oils and face creams and your complexion will thank you. 
  5. Read! Read self-help books and books that inspire you to be more creative. It will help relax your mind and bring you positive energy. It will also help you improve your vocabulary and give you new ideas!
  6. Be around loving people. Today's world is full of negativity and it's hard to not be consumed by it. Surround yourself with people who ONLY want the best for you and see you improve. Do not surround yourself with people who bring you down and wish the worst for you. NOTE: If you want to be happy, you need to be around people who enjoy spending quality time with you and make you happy. Happy people = Happier vibes.
  7. Meditate. Breathe deep. Your body was meant to take in oxygen. You need fresh air. It will also help clear your mind, body, and soul. Just breathe. 
  8. Do your best with work and school! Try your best. Set goals that you wish to complete. When you complete tasks, you will feel productive and at your potential. Be a hard worker and determined to complete your goals and check off those tasks. Have priorities and work on them. 
  9. Gratitude. Be grateful for everything no matter what your situation is. Being alive is the most grateful thing. Even if you are in the most horrible situation, just be grateful for the place you are in and the people around you. When you are grateful, you will find more inner peace within yourself.
  10. Pamper yourself. Every night do something for yourself. Show some self-love because you deserve it! Put aside some time for yourself to take a nice hot bath with candles and read your favourite magazine. Take some time to do your hair, makeup, and beauty routines. Put on a face mask and watch a movie. Do you! 
  11. Love yourself no matter what anyone says. There are gonna be people around you that constantly have to say something negative about you to bring you down. Just remember that that is how they actually feel about themselves. Know your worth and standards. Don't let other people's opinions of you get to you. 
  12. Be yourself. You can only feel confident when you are your true authentic self. Embrace your features and everything you were born with. Just being yourself makes you perfect! There's no one who could replace you. Remember that!
  13. Have a journal/diary/notebook to share your personal thoughts. Sometimes there are things you just need to keep to yourself and can't share with others. These are the type of things you could write in your personal journal to release any negative energy/vibes. It's also great to jot down notes and ideas. Have a daily planner to keep track of your daily goals. 
  14. Talk it out. If you have anything on your mind and you don't have the time to write it down, have someone around you who does not judge you and you feel comfortable talking to. Talking to someone who listens to your problems is a great way to help release stress and negative emotions. Only go to people who truly are there to listen and help you, instead of judging you. 

Follow my steps to the most happiest, healthiest, and beautiful you ! :)

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This Year Is For Your Happiest and Healthiest Self
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