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Things That Make Me Happy


We live in a busy world where the news is bloated with misery and tales of greed and corruption. It makes me feel as if we have gone back to the dark ages where basic human rights were privileges for the wealthy. With all the stress being buttered about in the world that is only getting worse, I decided to combat the stress by writing a list of five things that makes me happy. This is all my personal opinion, and I hope by sharing this that you find it empowering.  

Cause when the world is clouded with negativity, a small ray of sunshine makes all the difference. We are all here for a purpose and we all have a reason to live and duties in life, but we should also remember the little joys in life as well. 

1. Sleep

Sleep makes me very happy. I often feel very tired so being able to go to bed and have as much sleep as I wish makes me very happy. Nothing feels better than waking up feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep and that's quite rare for me nowadays, I only really seem to get it when I'm travelling or on holiday. 

2. A Nice Drink

This applies to both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. I like drinking. It relaxes me. I can have a nice drink with friends or on my own. I know that wherever I am in town, I can always have either a nice warm cup of tea or an ice cold beer. I love trying out new drinks, especially alcohol, tea and coffee.

My favourite drinks would be green tea, black coffee, baileys and espresso martini. My favourite juice is cranberry juice. 

3. Loved Ones

Weather it's friends, family or pets spending time with the ones you love can really make the day wonderful. This is why Christmas is my favourite part of the year as I get to meet up with people at parties and social gatherings. It's all a lot of fun. 

4. The Journey Towards My Goals

We all have different goals in life. My goal is to one day have enough income through writing to travel as often as I like and work a bit less so I can enjoy the short time I have on this world. When I was younger, my goal was to be published. I had a poem published when I was 8, and now I have over 500 written pieces published online and 3 poetry books available to buy on Amazon.

I'm technically a published author, even though I don't feel like one. Now I've achieved one goal, I want to go and reach more goals like losing weight for my health, and being a better writer and publishing more books online. Even if it's not a lot of money, I'm still richer than I was ten years ago. When I'm reaching my goals, I do admit that I miss the journeys. Along the way I've met many amazing people. 

5. Accomplishments

Weather it's big or small, accomplishments can make a huge difference to anyone's life. When I was younger, I was afraid of the water and now I'm swimming twice a week at my local leisure centre. I struggled at primary school but did very well at Secondary School. I had problems at college, but I overcame them. I've been bullied all my life and still get bullied to this day, but I know that I'm better than them. Because I've done many things that they can only dream of doing.

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Things That Make Me Happy
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