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These Are the Years to Make Mistakes!

Make it or break it.

It takes one decision to allow yourself to live a happy life, and it also takes one decision to live a regretful, fearful life. 

You're speeding through your life whether you feel it or not. Look at yourself now... you're what... 18... 19... 23? You're young as hell but you're already 25 percent through your life if you're lucky.

You wake up every single day dreading your life because you feel like you're stuck in a bleak, tedious lifestyle. You know you were meant for more and you're so anxious for a damn change in your day to day to get you going. The most powerful thing you can do is TRY.

No one's stopping you. If you're taking the time to read this story, then I thank you for supporting and taking an interest in changing your life for the better! But there's also something you need to hear whether you're offended or not because it's exactly what you need to get your life in shape.

You have the ability to read this online. Which means you're using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer to support my story. Which also means you have everything at your fingertips to change your mindset and lifestyle. Technology has forever changed our ability to make something of our lives with very little work put in.

It is YOUR decision to be complacent and neglect your days away with negative thoughts and choices. No one makes you feel the way you do besides yourself. The upside of that, is that it's not the hardest thing to reverse the thought process to positivity and productivity. I know what thoughts go through your head when you're at rock bottom. I've been in the same exact situation. We're all in this together, no one is exempt.

If you guys are struggling, I want you to tell me about it. You're not alone in what you're feeling. If you're stuck, let me hear it. I run my emotions because I control my mindset. Everything you feel or think runs through your mind, not your heart. If you would like to... which I highly encourage, message me on Instagram and tell me your story. @crazyboiispencer_

If you're too afraid of judgement (which is out of the question for me, I'm no one to be able to judge you) then you can tell me your story anonymously at

You HAVE TO work on your mindset. Put down your phone, put down the video games and the food, and get out of bed. Make the decision today to put in the work you don't necessarily "want to" to get where you NEED TO in the future; success is one decision a day and regret will sting longer than the boring nights studying and building a happy life.

Thank you everybody for taking the time out of your day to read my story and I hope each & every one of you take something away from this. Your life is short, don't "not try" for of fear of failure. You only have this life. Fuck the rules and do what you LOVE.

I would love to hear your guys' reactions, thoughts, and comments on what you just read. It helps me tremendously to accomplish my reasoning behind making these. If you would let me know how these stories impact you, or even donate below if it really moves you... please do :) !


Instagram: @crazyboiispencer_

Ask.Fm : @crazyboiispence

Kik: @Espiiinzer

I appreciate your support!!

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These Are the Years to Make Mistakes!
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