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The Tipping Point

A Complementary to the Book

Ancient cave dwellings in Anatolia 

Chapter 1 - Introduction

After reading the works of Malcom Gladwell and Daniel Pink. I was inspired to write a complementary to the book The Tipping Point.

There is a concept called "the tipping point" where ideas cross a threshold, tip, and spread like wildfire.

It is like a magic moment; a divine revelation that seems to come from nowhere. Like pulling a coin from your ear. 

That magic moment is caused by small steps. 

To be successful in a project; driving, building a house, starting a business, or even investing, you have to be consistent with the little things; the small things that matter. 

Call this your daily bread. A daily routine such as eating a morsel of bread to keep you satisfied.

You have to develop a natural positive mental attitude to continue, when it seems tedious hurtful and tiresome.

If you have taken the time to read this far I have immense faith in you, that you will reach a point where all the struggles and hard work just melt away and things become easy. The goal: you become a natural investor, your business is booming, you can drive without mental overload, you become a confident talker.

If I believe in you, you must believe in yourself, your ideas, and your goals. Your ideas and goals are unique to you. How you plan and manage them can either set you forward or set you back.

Push yourselves over the tipping point and show the world how successful you can be.

Chapter 2 - Be practical and Proactive

After reading this in the next fortnight, I would like us to try something. Treat your room as a project. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, so on. Plan how you want your room to look after two weeks, and each day do a small daily routine which will ensure you meet this objective. If you have met your goal, apply this principle to different areas of your life. 

Then you will notice the small things that make a big difference.

Take into account:

  • cost
  • time
  • dependents/responsibilities 
  • visual goal or written down plan 

Take pictures before and after. Write a journal and notice if things become easier.

The reasoning behind this is that when we look at the things we consider small you will realise a connection to how much of a difference that small gesture can make. Every small idea, no matter how impossible or silly it may seem, make note of it and try to complete it.

By doing this, you are knocking and unlocking the door to unexpected breakthroughs in stubborn and difficult situations. 

Noting down every small idea and not dismissing them is a good way of activating the neurons and synapses in the brain cells that were dormant.

 This releases a wave of dopamine thus influencing  new, fresh thinking (along with a healthy diet consisting of water, calcium and so in). 

When we do this, we gradually will see a picture and plan clearly. That is the tipping point when all your ideas just seem to work.

If you are a believer in God, then remember the story of the widow's mite, such a small gesture made a massive impact. Luke 21:1-4. Not only in the collection plate, but in her life and those around her.  She knew what she wanted to do with the money and she did not deviate from the plan.

Jesus told the fisherman to keep casting their nets in John 21:1-6. Finally their daily routine was rewarded with a large haul of fish. You cannot give up no matter how hard it may seem, even if the daily routines (the daily bread) is not providing you with quick results.

Chapter 3 - Resilience

When a social trend bursts on the scene, you will notice it started out as something small.

Michael Dapaah was doing small videos on social media for a long time, now you have see how far his gimmick 'mans not hot' has gone.

For this to be effective, one of the qualities someone should have is resilience. The ability to have touched skin, the ability to keep going and bounce back.

Listen carefully: you will find there is a lot of noise around, and noise can be defined as discouragement, negative thoughts, minus statements: 

"Aww are you sure you can do that?"

 "That will cost a lot."

"You can't do that now."

You will need resilience when this happens; the ability to go through the storm.

When you finally get to the eye of the storm (the middle) after battling through the wind, debris, vacuum, the rain, and the hail, you will notice the calm and peace. It's there, right there in the middle of it. The calm will be there. You just have to be resilient.

The above picture relates to the ancient cave dwellings in the Hittite region in the Bible. These abandoned caves were home to some of our ancestors and are still present to this day. With resilience, some can survive in a cave. Without it, a whole species can be wiped out.

Chapter 4 - Conclusion

You need to be consistent in the small things,  resilient,  positive, deaf to noise. You need to be practical and proactive. Any ideas you have, keep generating them. Keep going! Keep pushing! Any idea may be the million dollar one. 

Remember, it's the small things—the insignificant things that make the big difference

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