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The Story Behind the Face

Are you him? Are you her?

You are her. You walk day to day putting on the same act. You force yourself out of bed. You knowingly cake on the makeup while calling it a "natural look." You routinely get your coffee. You grab your keys and you get in your car. You walk the halls as a celebrity, but you are the only one who knows how it feels. How what feels? How it feels to be dying on the inside. How it feels to be eaten alive by what the world calls "satisfied" and "loved." How it feels to hide yourself behind the smile, behind the clothes, and behind the friends.

You are her. You don't know what to do.

You are him. You wake up every morning with an ache in your heart, but quickly tell yourself to "get over it." You kiss mom on cheek and say goodbye quick enough to ignore any conversation. You want to do everything you can to ignore your mental reality and stay "focused" on what you have. You walk the halls and see your dudes. You see your girl. You see her. She's smiling so you're smiling. What you don't realize is that she is faking a smile, so you are faking a smile.

You are him. You don't know what to do.

How many of you know the hims and hers?

How many of you are the hims and hers?

We live in a world that one minute says, "you are perfect just the way you are," while telling you, "you have to have ____ to be satisfied" the next minute.

Why is this the case?

Why do we give in to the insecurities that the world pushes upon us?

"I wish I could go back to being a kid," we say, hoping something will change, but knowing it won't.

But why can't it change? Why can't we go back to having the child-like faith we use to put in our circumstances?

The thing is—we can. There is nothing truly stopping you from drawing the line in the sand and saying, "Here. Now. I refuse to be defined by a completely unsatisfied world that tries to tell me how to be satisfied."

Perspective. It’s all about perspective. Do not ignore where you are at, but don’t let negativity taint the pure view you could have. We live in a broken world. We have all been broken at one point or another—maybe you are currently breaking. I want you to realize something: your life is not in vain. Take this life one step at a time. One foot in front of the other, until you are finally able to lift your dreary head again.

Perspective. It’s all about perspective. Do not ignore the others around you. Humility is key. Be selfless and aim to help others the best you can. They could be the you that you were—maybe the you that you are. People change people. Don’t let selfish ambition ruin the life you could have.

In doing this, you are able to take a step back and see things through a lens of love, faith, and trust.

Love: seeing the him's and her's and knowing that your story could help change a life.

Faith: seeing your current circumstance, but knowing you will be okay.

Trust: trusting that you don't have to have it all together. This life is not your own.

Take some time to see the hims and hers, because I can promise you they are out there—some may be closer than you think.

The change in this world starts with you.

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The Story Behind the Face
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