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The Secret

The Book That Helped Me Manifest

Have you heard of The Secret? I'm sure most of us have heard about it at least once in our life. I've known about this "secret" since I was little, from my mom. But it wasn't until a few years ago I actually learned about The Secret.

I came across a video of Steve Harvey talking to people about this book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. He explains to them a few things:

  1. Why he says this book is one of the most powerful books outside the Bible he has ever read.
  2. How he uses The Law of Attraction and how it helped him create wealth, happiness, and better health. 
  3. He believes if you can see it in your mind, you CAN hold it in your hands.
  4. Why he recommends everyone to create a Dreamboard.

After watching that video, my mind became very curious about this "secret." Knowing that Steve Harvey is such a wealthy man, I wanted to know what he knew. What was this secret...What was this law of attraction he mentioned? So a few days later, I went to my local library and rented the book.

I read the entire book and it all finally made sense to me... Whatever it is that you are constantly thinking about in your mind, you attract it to your life. The life you have right now is not by accident. You have the life you have from your way of thinking. Think of the things you constantly are thinking about throughout your day. That should tell you something.

The law of attraction really works.

I have so many instances I could tell you, but I'll try to do my best and keep it short...

One day I was craving a nice and yummy juicy chicken sandwich (I know it sounds funny but hear me out..). That was literally all I could think about throughout the day, but the thing was that I didn't have the money to buy one. Well, after I got off work, my dad had called me and asked if I wanted to go out to eat... AND GUESS WHAT I GOT?! I got me the chicken sandwich I'd been wanting ALL day long.

I have another instance I want to share. I will tell you that this one didn't happen in a day or overnight... This took some time and work. One year, my Ford Escape got totaled. I was without a car for a good few months. Of course I had to ask for rides or find my way to where I needed to go. I got tired of constantly asking for rides and I felt bad for the ones who took me. I knew they had other things to do. So guess what I did? I put the law of attraction to work! I changed my mindset and how I thought of the situation I was in. It went from me whining about asking others for rides to giving gratitude that I have a ride to where I needed to go. Then every time I saw one of those "new" licenses plates on any car, the ones that have the date of when you purchased the car,  I would say out loud or to myself "I have one of those. I have one of those." Even though I really didn't have a car of my own, I would say that statement over and over like I actually owned a "new" vehicle at the time. Anyways, I kid you not... Maybe about two to three months later, I drove off a car lot in a G6 with one of those new licenses plates, just like I'd been imagining it.

Like I said, The Secret—the Law of Attraction—really works! If you don't believe me, that's perfectly fine. You can find out for yourself, just like I did. Go get the book. Do your research. You'll be surprised about how many well-known wealthy people have used this.

I promise it's worth it.  

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The Secret
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