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The Promise of Patience

The Fisherman’s Promise

Patience, that’s something I’ve always heard is a virtue, but I’ve never really learned too much from it, or thought that living an ultimately patient life style is conducive to our modern society. Which in turn puts me in a position where patience is not on my list of top ten things I love. But as we all know if you lack patience, you will never hold out for all the good coming your way. 

Now one place to practice patience is in nature, its serenity and exuberance of surprises really leave no room for quick fixes. Often any activity in the wild can be challenging and really cause one to practice that of patience in the sense you have to really contemplate your choices carefully, and wait for the right option to present itself. Finding fun ways to practice those very cognitive skills we as humans possess is often hard, but we know as a society we all need to practice these skills daily. One of the many ways I like to practice patience is fishing, yes I know the activity might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a great way to improve patience. My experiences are often the same in this sport, but this particular instance I’m about to share really gave me a great appreciation for nature, and the patience I had to exude to get a result.

The sun was out on this glorious day in Boone, North Carolina, the wind lightly blowing my hair, and the reeds along the edge of the pond. Birds chirping and the lovely sound of water rippling against the boat as we begin to make our way to the center of the water. Geared up and readied poles in hand, bait locked and loaded to be hurled into the water, and entice some type of underwater prize. As we begin all you have here is the whistle of the line going through the air and the clunk of the lure smacking against the water and sinking to the depths. But to my surprise every cast and reel I execute there is no fish to be seen, just pond scum or my bait meeting me back at the boat again. After some time and my partners five catches later I was feeling quite discouraged, all this time and still no fish, not even so much as a bite. But as much as I wanted to quitting is not my style so I continued to cast. Low and behold large storm clouds begin to roll over the sky like a dark omen to my defeat, but as the words streamed out of my mouth to say it looks as if it is going to storm maybe we should pack up I felt something. In the corner of my eye I saw it a bend in my line, a jerk, a pull, it was really happening. So I rush to my pole set my line and I began to reel. This fish was a fighter, I could feel him trying to escape but there aren’t to many places to go when you have a hook in your mouth.So I continued to reel feeling it coming closer and closer then “splash,” I saw it a huge bass flop out of the water. Finally the fish was reeled in and getting de-hooked, my excitement was through the roof and over the moon when we brought out the tape measure and realized my fish was the biggest catch of the day. Holding my fish with my head held high and smiles wide for a photo I couldn’t help but reflect, and to feel joy for exhibiting patience. Gently placing this amazing creature back in the water, my emotions grew, and a tear drop left my eye, not for the fish but for myself. 

Everyday we go through life in a rush, which grocery line is shorter, which restaurant has the shortest wait, which lane will get me to work faster, just rush, rush, rush. Never really slowing down to enjoy the little things, life is not a race although society likes to make us think that. Your life and your happiness depend on you and your ability to do what is right for you. A key aspect in learning how to take control is patience, without it life is a constant wait, it feels as if nothing good can come your way; your life, goals and dreams aren’t happening fast enough, you feel as if everything is falling behind. But in reality you just need to slow down and wait for the right things to catch up to you. So remember it’s not always easy or fast, but patience is a virtue, you gotta learn it, live it, love it, and just maybe you can enjoy the bounty of pleasure it brings.

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The Promise of Patience
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