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The Power of Performance

In All Art Forms

Today I went to see the Dance Concert, one of many performances, that are put on at my performing arts college. It touched on a lot of topics like "we the people," "justice for all," "powerful women" and the issues we have been having with public and school shootings. What I loved about this is that it did it in such a powerful way. I have always thought things like music and dance and painting and other creative art forms have such a greater power than people tend to realize. This performance reminded me of that. Not only because each and every dancer was extremely talented with the fluidity they had from one move to the next, or the way they used their strength to do a certain move making each dance elegant or fierce. It was the idea that each dance, even if some of the moves or techniques were the same, had a unique message even if they are all going towards the same cause. It's like each person was fighting with their bodies, fighting with the passion they put into every movement and every specific detail. Of course they had the help of the very touching music, audio, or visuals that were shown to help convey their message. That doesn't change the fact that in one way or another every member of the audience was touched by each dance and each individual dancer. 

This also reminds me of how when someone says they want to go into a career of being a performing artist, it tends to be frowned upon. We are told, "do something important" or "that's not a real job." The thing is, it is important and it is a real job. The performing arts have not only changed but saved a countless number of lives throughout the decades. For so many, it's a way of life, and for good reason. Sure, we could just tell you what the issues in our society are or write you a letter about how we find things to be unjust towards women or people of color or show you a picture of the victims of all those tragic shootings. But sometimes just doing that isn't enough. It's when you have danced your heart out until every fiber in every muscle in you aches. It's when you sing until you can't anymore, because you got so passionate about the words of the song. It's about writing a story that conveys every single emotion that you may even be too afraid to think of but you write it anyway to get the right FEELING to get your message across until your fingers and hands just can't anymore. 

The beauty in it is that there are no barriers here. There is nothing that divides us. Music, dance, art, it is a universal language. It thrives on individuality, but the masterpiece is even greater as a collaboration. Just like it doesn't take just one person to change the world, the change only starts that way. This is a type of performance that I think should be watched by everyone, no matter who you are. And it doesn't necessarily have to be dance, just something that presses the idea of change or controversy or just a movement of ideas and passion. Something that conveys the message that for some things, we can't say they are "okay" and then be done with it. And just see how much coming from an art form can drastically change how meaningful it is. So I beg you to make an effort to truly see art, and all its definitions, for what it is because I promise you it is a lot more powerful than you may think. 

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The Power of Performance
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