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The One Thing We Don't Do Enough of

Be supportive!

I think that there’s one thing that society doesn’t do enough of, and that’s celebrating the success of others. It’s instinct to be competitive, and far too often, people bring down others for a temporary fix. A little bit of competition is harmless occasionally, but not everything has to be a competition. There’s no need to be salty because somebody has more followers than you. You shouldn’t feel too down about it, either. Remember what they said in school about there being no I in team? People are quick to name and shame the failure of others. To make things more tragic, they ignore successes just as easily.

I love listening to music. I can name you some of my favourites from the back of my head: Christina Aguilera, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Depeche Mode, and Queen, to name a few. My top ten bands, artists, and albums are always changing. But one thing that remains is my constant annoyance to the fanbase’s content pissing contest. You get it in any fandom or fanbase you walk into on the internet. Female Fronted Band Confessions had to be strict with their confessions because of people always bringing other female vocalists down.

People hating on other stars simply because they are not their fave; it’s petty, really. People want to think that society has advanced, but I still think old habits will die hard. Feminism is just as important as it was years ago. Coppers still murder black people in cold blood and sexual predators are still out there on the streets, despite hundreds coming forward.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the negativity in the news these past few years; constant tragedies, incompetent world leaders, and governments that don’t really care about their people. And what are our priorities? Some woman’s weight, and how quick people are to bring people down the moment somebody says they’re happy with their body. I always thought body shaming was stupid because people’s bodies change all the time from the moment we’re born. Then puberty kicks in, the menopause, old age, and greetings with death. Instead of judging others, people should work on improving themselves.

I’m disgusted at how toxic the cosplay community is. People try to dictate who is and who isn’t allowed to dress up as somebody. Cosplay is a merge of costume and play; it’s no different to dressing up for fun or in a contest. If cosplay isn’t fun, then what’s the point? If somebody made a cosplay outfit, they have the right to be proud of it. Same thing goes for any kind of creative work. Even if you bought it, it doesn’t make you any less special than those who make it themselves. It’s crazy how people think they can control the actions of a stranger.

The world needs to work as a team. We should celebrate the happy things more often, even if they’re small things. I think if we celebrate the success of others more often, I think the world would be a much nicer place. Our world is beautiful, but its ugly side makes us forget that. And besides, life is too short to bring people down.

We are all here for a reason. We all have a purpose on this earth. We can either find out what it is, or decide for ourselves. For me, I want to write and bring health and happiness to myself and hope to entertain others. Seeing how quick people are to bring people down, even if it’s the remote few in the world, baffles me, because the negative thoughts people spew out can leave everlasting damage to somebody’s self-esteem without even realising it.

Lack of feedback is something very common to content creators out there. So any sort of feedback or response to a post means the absolute world to content creators. It doesn’t have to be a donation of money, it can be a retweet or like. Or a short message to say how much you enjoy their work. Little things like these will make content creators feel warm inside.

Therefore, in church and holy mass, we are referred to as brothers and sisters. In other words, we are all one big family. We are all neighbours and the internet that we take for granted every day is our doorstep to a better world, and to a better future. It is up to us whether we take one step forward or eighty steps back.