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The Ocean

Where she was from, to the many places she is going...

The Pacific Ocean

I come from a landlocked prairie town in Southern Alberta Canada. Not exactly Ocean inspired, actually quite the opposite. Oil, cows, and wheat. All how I started my life, knowing and loving. However, for some mystical reason, I knew The Ocean was inside of my heart, even though it scared the sh*t out of me.

The fears that The Ocean holds must first be respected, but then surrendered to, because, frankly, they are not as frightening as silly things we make so meaningful on land, such as debt. They are fears that somehow you feel part of. Fears that once turned into serenity and peace inspire growth and even more oneness.

The Great Barrier Reef

The way I heard people talk about it, the ways in which they portray it through their own individual skills, peaked my curiosity and my "stoked" levels. There's such a power, such a vulnerability, such a wisdom about it. It's something, everything you have to experience on a personal level to feel as if you are part of a deeper (pun intended) collective level.

I have never free dived to a record depth, or surfed a huge wave, but my love for The Ocean is beating through my veins and outward into the world.

And with this love, I hope to inspire you to love something a little or lot extra today... 

It’s a beautiful thing to fully accept and understand that your life is unfolding moment by moment, exactly how it is supposed to by being happy. Happy isn't the right word because you can feel this way even to the contrary of happiness. However, to have the ability to get back to feeling wonderful in those moments, well wow... that is truth, knowledge, and power. So much so that words cannot describe and using good, great, or happy and to try wouldn’t be acceptable, because everyone uses those words, you see. When one fully embraces the fact that their entire life's purpose is to constantly be in alignment with the feeling I am trying to utter through my silly words, they will understand that they owe it to themselves, individuals around them, the world at large and whatever is larger than the world, to simply feel love.

Replace any word that dissatisfied you with whatever FEELS right and I hope you understand.

Love you all dearly ❤️

Life couldn't be better Inda Indian Ocean.

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