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The Mountain Top Experiences

The valley experiences are just as important as the mountain top experiences.

Failure is not the end.

Repeat that with me, FAILURE IS NOT THE END!

Many people once they fail at something, they want to give up. They act as if their world has come to an end and like there is nothing positive happening for them. They take one failure and judge their whole life on it. I know how easy it is to do that.

I want you to know that failure is all a part of the process.

Some days you will be on the mountain top while other days you will be in the valley.

Life is not perfect and you will not succeed at everything you try, but the key to success is trying. Never stop trying; if one thing doesn’t work for you then try something else. Think of another way to do things and don't stop trying until you succeed.

You must also remember in whatever state you are in it is important to be content. When you are up on the mountain top and everything is going well for you; be humble. When you are having your valley experience where it doesn't seem like anything is going right for you and your world seems like it is upside down. Then, that is the time to wait and be patient.

Remember that hard times are for a reason. Everyone has to face them at some point in their life. Whether it is losing a job and not having enough money to pay your bills or if it is not being able to graduate or get into the program that you wanted to study. It is all for a reason. This valley experience is shaping you.

Know that the valley experiences are just as important as the mountain top experiences. Those valley experiences are going to shape you and prepare you for your future.

Take a second and look back over your life and think to yourself about those valley experiences that you have went through in your past and how much they have played a part in shaping who you are today. It might have been hard to go through them but they have created something special within you. You are who you are today because of those valley experiences just as much as those mountain top experiences.

It is important to learn from your failures and build. Take time to examine and know what didn't work well, and try something else until you reach the top.

Success is not about the competitions but it is about the opportunities. Every chance that you are given always work towards bettering yourself and tightening up on your plans. Always find the chance to build up yourself. This valley is getting you ready for the mountain top so make sure you do all you can to learn from this experience and get ready for what is ahead.

A successful person will build in the valley and wait for that opportunity to fly. They will be too busy fixing and trying new things out until something works for them. They won't even notice the people around them. They won't have the time to compete or hate others for their success. They are too busy looking inwards and trying to work towards something better.

While, there are the laid back people who just kick back and take this valley experience as the end. They will hate to see others on their mountain top experience and spend every moment looking at what is going on for the people around them.

Failure is not the end. Today you may be in the valley and tomorrow it could be your day to be on the mountain top. Never stop working towards success; never stop working towards what you want in life. One day it will happen for you. Just be patient and wait for your moment, but while you're waiting continue to build.

Your valley experience will SHAPE YOU! 

While your mountain top experience will be your moment to rest. 

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The Mountain Top Experiences
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