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The Manifestation of Not Giving a F*ck

Sum Thoughts. All Over The Place.

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It begins when our heads are painstakingly ravaged through a deep dark hole, and into a realm of fuck-giving and expectations. While not giving a fuck may seem simple on the surface, its the most difficult yet most desirable form of achievement in human nature. Indeed, the most admirable people we know are those who lack the ability to give a fuck and, "followed their dreams without caring about what others thought" in order to reach extraordinary heights. But to some extent, the basis of attaining success comes from being accepted in a particular field, or liked by some top notch dude with connections. 

Chances are, if we give a fuck about one thing that drives our prosperity and makes us happy, we'll give a fuck about many other things, no matter how shallow and unimportant they may seem. Surely, the ability to reserve our fucks for solely the most fuck-giving-worthy situations would make life a lot easier. Rejection and failure would seem less painful, and our lives would only revolve around ourselves.

People are born into survival that is instigated through someone else's giving-a-fuck abilities. In other words, the reason we are alive is because someone demonstrated a sense of care and nurtured us until we can pass this along to another individual. It is a never ending cycle of constantly giving a fuck, and thats what makes human nature so intricate. Giving a fuck is ultimately drilled in our brains, and most of us, most of the time, get sucked in by life's vile superficialities, steamrolled by insignificant dramas. We can't help it really. 

When people envision giving no fucks, they envision a perfectly nonchalant indifference to everything. This is the ultimate fallacy. There’s nothing admirable and bold about indifference. Those who are indifferent are ignorant and scared. They’re lazy, unmotivated, and lack the ability to find a sense of contentment. In reality, indifferent people have to attempt to be indifferent, because they give the most fucks out of all of us. They conceal their lack of knowledge and decision-making capabilities in a dark emotionless pit of their own self-deprecation, persistently distracting themselves from life's demands. 

Sad to say that this is how I viewed myself for the majority of my life. Although I was always motivated, diligent, and was essentially the opposite of someone with the common symptoms of indifference, I enjoyed seeing myself falsely mirror something I was not, just to feel like I was not giving a fuck. Thinking I was indifferent made me feel a sense of superiority, surrounding myself with false pretenses, that made me feel invincible gave me a satisfying yet cynical perception of comfort that I desired.

Evidently, I realized that overcoming the god forsaken EGO is one of the most crucial steps in the art of not-giving-a-fuck. Egos essentially drive any sense of adversity we face, which halt our giving-a-fuck abilities, and waste our fucks on meaningless endeavors. Giving a fuck about trivial shit—cracking your phone screen, your ex-boyfriend's new profile picture, a shirt sold out in your size— just shows that theres nothing partially significant enough for you to care about. 

When we're young, everything's new and exciting. The initial exposure to the complexities of life enables us to give a lot more fucks. We give a fuck about everything and everyone, even when we act like we don't. With time and age, comes experience, which is then where our fuck-giving passes slowly die off. Giving a fuck isn't a limitless lifelong ticket unless you're an insecure shit your whole life. Fundamentally, we become more selective with what we give a fuck about and whats truly 'fuckworthy.' As we slowly enter the era of middle-age, our identities solidify and our desires to change all things doubtful and uncertain slowly diminishes. Our fucks are strictly reserved for real shit—family, a few friends, and health. And to our surprise, this is enough. The simplification of it all is truly enough. We are content.

On the verge of death, our ability to give a fuck— along with our ability to really do anything—has reached the point of non-existence and we carry out a paradoxical presence, and physically have no energy to think about giving a fuck.

Then somehow, somewhere, we are on our deathbed, surrounded by those who hopefully gave a fuck throughout our lives, gently letting us go, as we drift into the unknown, obscure, unfuckable void of absence. And just like that, the manifestation ends on the verge of uncertainty as we catch glimpses of all the fucks we gave throughout our existence. The paradigm of our lives, encapsulated by pure nothingness.

C'est la vie, fucker.

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The Manifestation of Not Giving a F*ck
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