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The Legitimate Dollar

By L. R. Anthony’s

Friends, family, even the stranger you walk past everyday would find it ever so laughable that you think you’ll ever become rich. I suppose most people might pat you on the back and tell you to get real. Ironically, they'll also tell you with conviction to follow your dreams. As if your dream can’t grow into something lucrative. Everything that has to do with money interests me. It’s how we eat, clothe ourselves, travel, etc, etc. Our world is so heavily dependent on some pieces of paper that you’ve gotta be quite preoccupied not to take interest in it. 

Exploration to the question “how?” 

“How can I become wealthy?” Something I’ve typed into Google once or twice just to see what miserable and predictable answers came up. Work hard, use your mind, it’s all about your attitude! All the pea-brained answers you can find on cough drop wrappers. We all know very hard working people, which could be yourself, who seem to be grinding daily just to pay the bills. So I asked myself, what if we’re simply not working hard at the correct goal or field we have in mind? However, we all know an amazing singer far more talented than most celebrity “artists” who simply isn’t getting anywhere. I look at the most amazing authors of all time, the words to their stories like poetry, tossed aside for decades, dying as poor men. How unfair, but money isn’t about justice, it’s about making more!


I’m not talking about your simple, petty criminal. I’m talking about the individuals who are portrayed as men and women of great wisdom. Maybe they’ve been imprisoned and stripped away of their former wealth but they’re back selling books and my personal favorite, becoming motivational speakers. They may be selling “get rich eventually” classes or online courses. Your family and friends may not believe in you but for a price they CAN believe in you. There’s nothing wrong with motivation but drive is far more powerful and lifelong. This service can become far more of a business than a tool to help someone become self-sufficiently driven. Sadly, most of these schemes tell you what you already know. You can choose between “read more books” or “stay positive.” For a businessman or women it’s about aiming at markets, having niches, investing your time, diversifying, selling your product. It’s not necessarily personal and most times, your life being changed by this book isn’t the first thing on their mind. Illegitimacy runs rampant in our quest to obtain riches. 

9/10 times becoming wealthy is associated with being a businessman or women or entrepreneur. 

The Job

“Nice car, where do you work?”

We all have to know what it is you do to afford that Rolex watch or Lamborghini. Probably to find out if we too are capable of such a task. More times than I probably realize, it’s only tangible because of some trust fund or father's money from the county club. We live in a world that loves flashing diamonds and showing off products to centralize ourselves in other's lives, not just our own. Most won't admit that the objects are simply a facade to reality. Even celebrities pull these stunts, the car is rented, the jeweler is borrowed, the mansion is actually a hotel. It’s not even about becoming rich, it’s about looking the part. But good and legitimate businessmen and women do exist in our pride saturated world. 


The Next Step 

I believe, amongst other things, opportunity is one of the most important aspects of beginning to obtain wealth. Many startups and companies, along with brilliant ideas and a plan, have investors to take things to the next level. This is what takes people working in a garage to Apple computers. It’s about the risk, it comes down to risking the failure of your creation. An investor also takes that risk the moment his pen clicks and before the ink on a check dries. 

It is quite possible to becoming rich in America, there may always be someone who is poor for no fault of their own. However, having the ability to not just hand them money but set them on a path to self sufficiency is the best “charity” someone of wealth can bring. On our quest to earn more income we can’t fall for the cute quotes or curtain of flashy lies we’re shown. We have to realize not only what money is but who we are. Who we are determines how we use it, gain it, and achieve our goals and dreams. The climb to the top isn’t for everyone, as once you get there you may think and see differently. We all want more money and the richest of us say “life isn’t about money” as they sway on their hammocks in their yachts. But crying in a Porsche probably feels better than crying on a bike. 

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The Legitimate Dollar
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