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The Leap​

No More Excuses

How long do you wait before you tell yourself you'll do it? A week, a month, a year....five years? Now, don't get me wrong, there is no rush. But what do you do when you're no longer happy with where you are? 

You sit and you brainstorm all the ideas, all the possibilities. Oh, the endless list of joy you could find if only you had the time or energy. I love lists, I make a list for my everyday chores, my job searching, creative projects, and fun ideas for personal adventures. I love to plan and I always have. For the past few months, I have been adjusting to a new lifestyle, a new relationship, and a new job. But in no way is this the job I desire, we've all been there. Tell ourselves its safe, it pays the bills. But is that really enough? It's certainly not for me anymore. So this is my first step. 

I always have a reason to not do something, and honestly, the only excuse I can justify is fear. But even that's not good enough for me anymore. I'm certainly not criticizing anyone who is scared to, or can't take the next step; to try something new, leave something unfamiliar, or chase what you really love. Trust me, I understand. I have spent a lot of time doing this. And it's time to push forward.

In this day and age we are born and then launched into our lives, this world expects us to put in effort to be a hard worker, contribute to society, pay bills, be educated, have experience before you get experience, maintain a healthy lifestyle, good connections with your friends and family, and find a way to be mentally stable through it all. We may have the best intentions setting out. But when are we asked what we want? At school/college when you're picking subjects? No pressure, right? You're a long way off of needing to know what your career choice will be. You can surely experiment... Right? Nope. You need to know what you want to do now so that you can commit the next 2-6+ years at college and university to become specialized in that area. So you choose. And for some people they choose and it truly is what they always wanted to do. But what about us? Those who are unsure, or are late bloomers, or maybe don't even have the opportunity. Well, we do our best. Work with what we have and assume we'll figure it out later. 

Hello, I'm Cheyenne. And I took a long time to figure out what I want, in fact...I can't say that I'm sure to this day. There are a few things I enjoy a but I have yet to have found a job that makes me feel fulfilled. I want a job where I can feel challenged and excited. But I also want to do something for myself. To explore and share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Maybe all I've done is send my thoughts into a technological void. Perhaps it will sit, untouched for years before anyone reads it. Maybe you're the only one to read this. If you are, well...thank you. I appreciate you. 

Now here's what you can expect from me in the future:

  • My best try to commit to posting once a week (or every other week).
  • My opinions and experiences — welcome to the internet.
  • Fun experiments about exploring identity, mental health, and creativity (and maybe helping to shift your existing perceptions, open your mind to a new angle or provoke your mind to get curious).
  • Real feelings and real thoughts — because it's more fun and engaging to be real and personal.

So, will you leap with me? Into the unexpected. I'm excited and scared. So let's do it together... Ready? ...Go!

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The Leap​
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