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The Introductory to Life

What if you were given a second chance, what would you do with it?

Social Media Post: My vintage baby and I heading to San Juan Capistrano, California.

I was loaded down with board meeting after board meeting. I decided to take a road trip to get away from the city, and my wife's attempts to destroy me. Alone time with an attractive view was exactly what I needed, so I packed a bag jumped in my vintage customize baby and took her for a ride through Highway 74 to San Juan Capistrano, California. Since the separation, I been having these reoccurring feelings like I was missing something. My wife usually checks for the small details before a trip; I wasn't smart enough to check the weather before getting on the road, and of course, it starts sleeting. These roads can be a bit tricky in this kind of weather, so I dropped my speed, 15 minutes into the trip out of nowhere, this biker begins to harass the tail of my car I was unable to get over so he can pass. I glanced at him through my rearview, he must not be from around here, or he would know these roads are dangerous when wet.

He flickers his lights and leans on the horn. Naturally, I become uneasy; it's dark, the road is oily, this guy appearing impatient he's aggressively leaning from right to left looking for a way around me. There's an enormously tight curve ahead of us, as I sought to make the turn, the bike shoots past with speed, a loud horn from an 18 wheeler almost smashing into him, startling me I quickly swerve missing the wheel of the truck.

What we seek is seeking us, don't get blown about by the wind chasing temporary things.

I pulled to the side at an opening to check the car, just ahead, you barely notice, in the distance, there was an arched silhouette. I yelled to get their attention, getting closer was a man who looked like he had been through hell; he was scrubby looking, his face wrinkled, dry skin, and fragile knees — the fingers to his hands all crooked full of arthritis, hair barely there. His voice was weak, no visible injuries; he just needed a ride to the nearest gas station. Strangely, I was not able to locate his car.

The nearest gas station was miles ahead; I agreed to give him a ride. I wanted to know his story: Where did he come from and how did he get here? This highway barely has a shoulder to pull over for emergencies; it's a bit dangerous to walk this highway especially this far out without a car. 

He walked with an old wooden cane that held up is twisted fragile frame, he lifts his head with a crack raspy voice he said; life has been tough. I listened carefully to the old man he continued: "I took the wrong path many years ago, suffered ever since. On this path, I misjudged the rain and soaked roads; there were a fast driving biker and a truck my car lost control and went off the cliff, a tree impaled my vehicle and my spine I laid there for a half an hour before anyone found me."

He went on about wanting to escape city life for a short time; he was exhausted with board meeting after board meeting and going through a bitter divorce. Although there were millions upon millions just like him in the world and his ambition took him far, he had forgotten what was truly important. He was bewildered the rest of the drive; we finally made it to the nearest gas station; he assured me he would be fine. As he walked away, he yelled softly to keep the eyes, not on the things seen, but on the things unseen. For the things seen are temporary, but the things hidden are everlasting.

Heading toward San Juan Capistrano for the weekend; I remembered the old guy mumbling something about a higher being who wants to help man. There was something familiar about his eyes; it was odd how his weekend trip with a biker that caused the accident completely changed his life, my journey could have ended before it started just as the same.

Parking in front of the vacation rental, I reached for my traveling bag, there was a soiled piece of paper left on the seat; "choose your path wisely, many don't get a second chance. There is a divine name, humans shall call on but only out of a clean heart, for everyone who calls on this name will be saved. Now go, for you have seen the pitfall you have been protected from, go and share what you have learned and have faith because this divine one will always be with you.

In the end, the pressures of LIFE may weigh us down; we should not put the chase of worldly possession in front of our spiritual planting of the right seeds. People can inadvertently cause us to stumble; we should never neglect the experience of the ones before us nor the warning signs; we can experience a considerable fall if we miss the opportunity to listen.

Stick around for more short stories. I hope you enjoyed, please click the link "Anastasia Adams" at the top of the page for more great conscious awareness articles and Truth-based new-age drama short stories. It is always a pleasure if you can give it a thumbs up, share and always remember that the joy and love we want to see in the world begins inwards and expands outwards.

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The Introductory to Life
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