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The Impact of a Favourite Thing

How much of an impact can something you love, no matter how insignificant, make?

How much of an impact can something you love have on your life? Even when it may seem insignificant to other people.

In this particular case, I'm going to use a TV series as an example. Lately, I've been watching the show Pretty Little Liars from the beginning. I re-watched season 1 and I'm finally catching up with the rest. I wanted something fun, drama-based, and complete. It ticked all of those boxes and I knew I would like it because I've seen the first season before and loved it back then.

When I first started writing this I was about 6 episodes into season 5, but now I'm ready to publish it, I've finished the whole show. Other than one season and the final episode, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. Even that season and episode had moments that I adored. This show is one of my new favourites and it's had such an impact on me.

Pretty Little Liars completely captivated me. On occasion, I might pick up my laptop or phone to check social media or my emails or to do other things, but a lot of the time I find myself completely focused on whatever episode I'm on. Everything else around me ends up being tuned out and I look forward to every moment I'm about to watch.

It's also inspired me. More than ever I want to pick up a book and read it, more than ever I want write, and there are many other things I find myself having the urge to do. I've also been inspired to change my bedroom around, sort out my wardrobe (and buy some new clothes), focus on me, aim for my future, and much more.

It's just a TV series, not even the best one out there, but it made such an impact on me. Would this be anyone else's favourite show? Would it make a big impact on them, and if it did, would be the same one? Perhaps not. But maybe there's something out there, a favourite thing that might seem pretty insignificant to me, or you, that might make a huge impact on someone.

So really, it's not just a TV series. If something inspires you or motivates you or even just captures your attention long enough to get your head out of the clouds (or your phone or whatever) then that thing is not just. Those things can make some of the biggest impacts.

I used to wonder if I made a mistake filling my time watching TV and movies, reading books, playing video games, and any other similar activity that might mean I spend a lot of time alone. Most often than not I come to the conclusion that I haven't made a mistake. And I'm going to keep telling myself that. 

If I didn't read as much as I do then I wouldn't have thought to start writing, if I didn't start writing I wouldn't have gone to university to study what I did (creative writing), and if I didn't study creative writing, I wouldn't have met my friends. And let me tell you, I love my friends. There's a lot of things that wouldn't have happened if I didn't choose a hobby like reading. That's just one example.

TV shows and movies and video games could all bring me to similar conclusions. I sometimes wonder if I should have gone to parties as a teenager, or if I should have snuck out, and rebelled and done half the things people at school talked about. There's nothing wrong with half the things they talked about, half the things they did — they just weren't me.

Like I said, different things impact different people. Majority of the time I don't feel any love lost over not going to more parties or sneaking out or doing half the things people at school got up to. Most of the time I don't feel like I missed out, like I wasted anything.

Sitting watching that show, all it did was remind me that what I need is different. I need things that inspire me, that tell a story. I'm a creative person and I thrive on creative things. I'm not alone in this. Just like someone who thrives on being the center of attention, for example, isn't alone.

Your favourite thing can have a massive impact on who you are, what you're doing, and many more things. What is insignificant to others could be an absolute life changer for you. I want to get out there, see the world, be more present in the world, but now I'm happy if a simple TV series is enough to keep me motivated and moving forward.

Don't knock something. As long as your favourite thing isn't hurting anyone (including yourself) then embrace it. And so long as the impact it has isn't hurting anyone (including yourself) then embrace that too. The only thing hiding from what you love, wondering if it's a waste of time, or what people might think about it, is going to do, is guarantee that you waste your time.

So, how much of an impact can something you love have on your life? Even when it may seem insignificant to other people? I would say it can have a massive impact.

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The Impact of a Favourite Thing
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