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The Houses of the Zodiac: House #1

Learn more about who you are as a person.

Photo by Anna Sullivan

Do you know what your birth chart says? Or, do you even know what a birth chart is? Your birth chart is based off of the time, location, and date of your birth. At the time when you were born, every planet and star and thing up there in the universe was in a specific place. Doesn't seem like it matters, but it absolutely does. Your birth chart displays where all those planets and stuff were, and this contributes to the magic that is your personality.

If you'd like to learn more about birth charts, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or visit my tumblr page! Right now, I'm completing sample chart readings for free—covering your sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as the planets in your first three houses.

Every birth chart has 12 houses. These are the 12 houses (of the zodiac... I guess), and each house symbolizes something different. I've decided to start a series where I talk about each house of the zodiac, to help everyone learn a little more about themselves! I've already completed the 8th house, so you can check that out here.

The 1st house of the zodiac is probably one of the most important houses. It almost determines who you are. It focuses on your sense of self, how you approach life, how the world sees you, the role you take on in your life, and how you initiate things.

If you haven't already gotten your birth chart, I encourage you to go to and enter your information. The chart is completely free, and it shows you all of your signs and planets and placements. Once you've done that, follow along with me while we explore the 1st house!

This is my birth chart...

My free birth chart from

As you can see in the picture, there are little numbers on the inside of the circle, near the middle. You'll notice that each number matches a section, and there are little symbols in there. Each section represents a house, and the symbols represent planets. Use the box on the left side to match the images with the planets if you don't already know!

If you're following along with me (and I'm explaining it right), you should be able to tell that my 1st house only contains Pluto.

DISCLAIMER: I have gained this information from various sources on the internet. If you see something in here that may be yours and you would like it removed, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Sun in the 1st house: You're super confident and cheerful, and probably more outgoing than your sun sign says you should be. You like to lead and have lots of ambition, which you direct towards becoming more well known or popular.

Moon in the 1st house: You're very guided by your emotions. You are known to be moody and anxious, as well as easily influenced by others. You are also very prone to procrastination. You have a gentle, emotional, and possibly shy and bashful outward personality.

Mercury in the 1st house: You're a great communicator, especially when you use your witty and energetic personality to connect with others. You love to learn and you maintain a practical outlook on life, but you may be prone to mental restlessness.

Venus in the 1st house: You're graceful, friendly, and pleasing. You have a positive and happy outlook on life. You may have the need to form friendships and relationships, but you always appreciate the pleasant things in life.

Mars in the 1st house: Your outward personality is energetic and tough. You're ambitious, assertive, outgoing, and self-confident. You're never a bystander, which makes you prone to get into fights.

Jupiter in the 1st house: You are a happy-go lucky kind of person. You always look on the bright side of life and are very honest, making you popular but maybe a little too self-confident. You are very trustworthy but you may be prone to weight issues.

Saturn in the 1st house: Others see you as serious, stiff, or too uptight. You like to follow rules, you rarely get out of place, and you may be prone to depression. Determined is your middle name, but you also stay true to yourself.

Uranus in the 1st house: You're independent, unique, slightly off, and creative. You're good at coming up with new ideas, and people might admire you for your different and rebellious personality.

Neptune in the 1st house: You may seem psychic, dreamy, and spaced out. You have strong intuition and spirituality. You may have a lack of self-image and can be too dependent on others, so you might find it difficult to reach your goals.

Pluto in the 1st house: You have a magnetic appearance and a strong ego, making you powerful and intense. You're very mysterious. Others may have a hard time getting to know you.

Chiron in the 1st house: You are charismatic and unforgettable. You are a natural leader, so you may be drawn to New Age teaching or professional healing.

North Node in the 1st house: You should work on your leadership qualities and how you express yourself. You will find yourself through independence, and your confidence will also grow. Creativity is the key to success for you.

With an empty 8th house, you won't focus much on self-realization and your role in the world.

A stellium occurs when there are four or more planets in the same house. With a stellium in the 1st house, you have so many different energies here that your personality can change daily.

There's always more to learn! The signs on the outer ring of each house also play a part in determining your personality, and I include those readings in my birth charts readings! Thanks for reading and come back next week to learn about the 2nd house!

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The Houses of the Zodiac: House #1
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