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The Frame

A Conscious Picture

A man or women who lets no worldly possession or substance control them are of their own being. What controls these individuals are emotions, desires, reactions, and feelings, ultimately defining them by their inner disciplines. The eradication of thought is profoundly intriguing to those who seek to be more present outside of their head, although eradication will breed clarity at its purest form. The most dangerous human to me, is one of a tainted spirit. One who has been inflicted with thoughts that are not their own, heavily influenced by their surroundings and social situations. An individual who has something to prove to others, without any clear ideas about what they want to prove to themselves, when given power, will add unfairness to each life encountered if everyone is not evaluated equally without bias opinion, hence needing to know nothing. Life’s demands on top of its emotional mixture can distract you from your own existence, except many of these demands are made from a societal structure which, to me, is a man-made pollution. I am only a well of nothingness flowing for conscious moments. Brutally honest but never honestly brutal. Five or six senses, whatever you may believe form one feeling, often interpreted as a direct happening. Its complexity is no straight path. Change is the compass to every path. Change is within ability. The ability to adapt and fail, be wrong or miss your shot entirely. Just do. Thinking and writing go hand in hand except if you’re overthinking, you may never actually write. It’s like overshooting a jump, you may clear the distance but miss your landing entirely. Don’t be lying to yourself either, do you think if you’re lying to yourself you’d be lying to everyone else as well? Eventually your lies will catch up to you and when they do you’ll be doing more making up for the false livelihood you’ve built than creating a new essence of you. A deconstruction of self is necessary to me. Don’t give yourself reasons to lie. There’s no need for a fake smile, speak up. The best support is when someone just lets you be you. There’s always going to be someone who has an opinion that matters to you but it won’t always be what you need or even relevant to what you know you’re capable of. Lies build a wall the truth has to climb. It’s simple to let go and fall with your truth, easy actually. It’s harder to keep climbing even when you need a break. It’s ultimately more rewarding. Resentment lies in the actions of someone who does not live on their own terms, without their own clarity. In a world where communication is self-defined, each word is your own. Live by them. Consciousness is the bigger picture, being self-aware is the frame. 

If you’ve reached this point, I can’t thank you enough for your time. After all, it is all you have. Much love and peace. 


Matthew Coombs

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The Frame
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