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The Fork in the Road

The Choices We Make

Every once in a while, you come to a fork in the road where the choices you make will determine your life/future, and future choices. Some people may believe that the choices we make and the outcomes that follow are out of their control, but I believe this is more related to destiny. Destiny is something we cannot control, no matter how hard we try.

If there is something you learn as you grow it is that there is no reason to sit in regret and ponder, ’what could have been’ because no matter which choice you choose to make, you will receive the positive and negative outcomes that come with either or. However; it would be interesting to see both outcomes of the event before or even after making that choice.

I guess throughout your life you make choices all the time that influence your life and how it eventually turns out. Even when you are really small, you can make choices that will determine your fate, like the friends you choose to have, the subjects in school you to choose to focus on, and even how you handle and act towards your elders.

The biggest choice that many seem to realize is that when you turn 18 years of age, and the time has come to decide if college/university is for you, or if maybe heading off to work right away seems to be a better option. Of course, you can take either route and go about it any way you choose, but let’s say you picked college… You could move away, or stay home and attend the college in your city. Moving away to college gives you the chance to meet new people and become very independent, where staying home saves you a lot of money and gives you the chance to focus more on your studies rather than trying to focus meeting new friends. Now if you choose work over school, you are looking at being more independent right away, you want to work to have money… Money for what exactly, it could be that you want to live on your own, or save up for things you want. You can always go to school later on in life or you might become lucky and succeed in something you never thought was possible without the schooling. There are things in life that no one can prepare you for and that includes your schooling.

Love is funny because it, too, can be a choice. Every time you break up with someone, it is a choice you had made. Maybe they were the right one, but maybe they aren’t. You will never know. Even marriage nowadays is not forever. You always have that choice to leave whenever you decide… or however, you decide. There are always choices to make and many different outcomes that will follow with the choices you do make. Nothing is for certain and any outcome is better than no outcome at all, isn’t it? There are times in your life when all shit goes to hell and where you do wish you would have made better choices, but would it have been better? It seems everything has a reasoning behind it, even if it is not in your favour.

Random thought: What if we are nothing more than pawns in a bigger game? Sort of like chess? And no matter what we do choose we are pre-destined to make those choices/(moves). No matter how you really look at it you should never regret what happens because everything that does happen happens for a reason. 

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The Fork in the Road
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