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The Cancer Within Ourselves

Sink or Swim

Ever wonder that fear that we have. There is a brick wall always telling us to stop and rethink about what we are about to do. Whether be it a commitment or running a marathon or a business idea. We are always stopped or slowed down to no longer continuing to achieve that goal. The tumors in our communities and society have brought us down to a single passage that leads to a place of nowhere.

Hmmmm... Nowhere land. I thought it was supposed to be a place of happiness, and leave you feeling like a kid again, forever maybe. Well nowhere land can lead you to your bottomless pit of death or deep depression. We cannot be oblivious to the fact that the only thing leading us to that very pit is the cancer that we choose to feed again and again and again. This is pretty simple really. We choose to ignore it all and find excuses to continue covering it up. We may say it's alright, but you're only lying to yourself. Remember, the more we keep ignoring the problem, it becomes bigger by the day.

We all have problems and all deal with them our own way. Every problem may have a similarity, but it will have its own uniqueness. All things have a beginning and end. Meaning, problems also have an end. Problems are like cancer; the more we choose to give up, ignore, or avoid it, the bigger it gets. Eventually, it grows so big that you cannot even solve those problems. If you choose to fight and survive, you can actually survive. Being a quitter will not help you because you will regret not fighting and taking one more chance at life. I mean, there is a world out there worth living in because we get to do new things everyday and have new beginnings.

Stop ignoring that tumor and start living for you, and not for the people that go behind your back stabbing you with a switchblade. There are people that are meant to be in your life and some that are not. Focus on the ones that are there for you. Don't let people be a problem for you because you know what? They play a big role in causing your cancer. Let people be the prevention of your cancer, not the cause to it. 

I mean, prevention is key from actually getting a problem into your life. Depression is caused by being unhappy and not being accepted by society. Its like you are a puzzle piece that does not fit into a puzzle. You feel misplaced and lost, like you have no sense of purpose.

Now, by dealing with the problem, I don't mean attack. Find someone to talk to that can actually listen to your problems. They might have a solution to your problems and might even be the solution. Confide to someone so that you don’t feel like you are alone in this world and that it’s only you. Let it out, it's okay. 

Take that tumor out of your system and stop hitting that brick wall. The wall won't give you answers, stop it!!! All the little things matter in life and it's up to you to make that change. ''Don't bark at a parked car.'' Dogs chase cars and you need to chase what makes you happy and be at peace. The cancers of this world must not stop you from achieving. Aspire higher.

You need to stop blaming other people and start taking control of your life. Stir your life in the right direction and make all those important changes in your life.

Be happy. Be cancer free.

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The Cancer Within Ourselves
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