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The Beginning

The Start of This Journey

Mass and Me


This is my first post on Vocal, so let me introduce myself.

My name is Sunshine, (yes that’s my real name), and I am a creator. I was born in February, an Aquarius, born in Toronto, ON, Canada. I would describe myself as versatile as I have many interests in many different areas. I love creating content, creating new projects to express myself, and to find a way to connect with others. Since I am a creator, I also do freelancing in photography, videography, design, songwriting, and much more. I also enjoy designing, business, and connecting with people. In this post, I will talk about my interests, and end each one with a goal for this year.

I own a clothing brand. Connect Collective is the name. It started in 2014 with my two other friends, Daniel and JR, as Underground Kicks, then becoming Connect Toronto, later to end up as Connect Collective. I’ve learned a lot in terms of trial and error, which is an ongoing learning experience when it comes to building from scratch. Connect is one of the many ideas, that I’ve actually cared to venture and go past writing ideas down and planning, one that I’ve actually been able to make a reality. The idea behind Connect is also a philosophy, close to what I believe is a part of my purpose, which is to connect with others. Currently, it’s in the process of coming back this year, which will most likely have it’s own post about, as I make more content for that process. Goal: Drop a new release for the (hidden) season.

I love business and management. Currently, I manage Connect, as well as two upcoming music artists. Music has always been a part of me as well, but I am not one to be musical, but somebody who can be a part of this community, and help others in achieving their own goals when it comes to their passion. My passion for business goes as far as making it my career, which I plan to study at university. Goal: Continue to raise grades to get accepted into the university that I really want to go to.

Art is another passion of mine. I am all-around when it comes to art. I do digital and traditional, as well as photography, videography, animation, as well as making concepts, scriptwriting, screenwriting. I was always into art when I was younger, but I didn’t put as much effort into it or take it seriously. Later on, through Connect, I started to make the many ideas I’ve had and just created visual art with it. The rest of my passion for digital content, besides loving to take pictures when I was younger, also was due to the help of taking a Communications Technology class in high school, grades 10 through 12. In this class, I learned that I had a pretty good eye when it comes to editing, and creating ideas, concepts that had a lot of steps, such as creating commercials, trailers, posters, and animations. This caused me to take a leap of faith last summer when I did animation editing for a music video. I’ve also done music cover art throughout high school, but now I’m at a point where I can be making some money, since the content I make is actually worth it in the music industry, and a good amount of it too. Goal: Create more in amount, and quality in freelance art.

Music has always played a part in my life. In recent years, I’ve started to do more with music. I’ve written songs before, but I never tried to make them sound good, or put any effort to polish them until the start of high school. At a certain point, I started to write full songs, and I’ve also written for some music artists. In recent years, I finally put in the time to create music mixes, which makes me really happy to be able to click whenever I need my automatic playlists for moods and such. I’ve also started to make some with my boyfriend, Mass, which make a great hobby for something we can do and create together. Goal: Make more mixes, and more frequently and consistently too.

I used to play basketball and flag-football in high school. When I was in grade eight, I didn’t make it on my elementary school’s basketball team, but the summer transitioning to high school, my two friends. Daniel and JR, as well as my younger brother Denrel, and I played basketball the entire summer, as I had a net on my driveway. With their passion for playing, and simply a fun hobby to play in the summer, this caused me to become good enough, or to create enough potential to be on the team in grade nine. To my own surprise of being able to be on the team, this created a new passion for basketball for myself. My close friends loved basketball, and I would go to their games, even tournaments annually to cheer them on, but for myself, I never thought I’d be the one to be on the court. Through high school, I’ve played, and though I sometimes wasn’t the most skilled player on the team, I’d say that I’ve always been a team player who supported my team and who just loved playing every chance I got. Not being at a high school that I’m able to play on the team for, I really do miss playing because it was a fun way to get exercise, and to have a sense of belonging with a team. Goal: Play basketball again, and try out for post-secondary teams, or even intramurals.

In this month of February, I want to make big changes in my life and lifestyle that will benefit me more in the future, while also keeping me focused and busy in the meantime. I honestly can go on, and on about myself in a single post, but I’m glad to have a platform to share more in the future and to see the growth from where I am right now in my life.

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