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The ABCs of Success and Achievement

Three Important Steps

How many times have you failed? Did you just stay down or did you get back up on the horse again? Failure is only one part of the lesson when it comes to learning about success. You only lose if you don't get back up. If you give up when you fall then you learn nothing from the experience. Failure is actually one of the steps toward success, helping you find the right path and leaving the stuff that doesn’t work behind.

I never give up. That's what makes me successful, even when things aren't going as I'd hoped. Everyone defines success differently, of course. The dictionary defines success as "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose." Accomplishing something doesn't mean you have to become rich from it or have your name up in lights because of it. A successful marriage or friendship is one that lasts. A successful book is one that gets published, not necessarily one that makes it on the bestseller list, unless that’s your specific aim.

Last year I started a little local zine. It covered local music, local businesses, local celebrities and more. There only ended up being 6 issues before I decided it wasn't worth the time, effort, and money. However, I still see it as a successful venture since I managed to create it in the first place! I accomplished creating my own print zine. It didn't last long, but I made it happen nonetheless.

I created the image that you see at the beginning of this article after I started thinking about my place in this world, and how I can be successful doing what I dream. I tend to waiver a bit when it comes to having confidence in myself. I know I am a great writer, I hear it all the time from people that pay me to write for them. I know I have the drive needed to be a success. I know I can help people and that I HAVE helped people — but the smallest negative word aimed my way (even if it's from within my own head) makes me question EVERYTHING. I'm not immune to worry, hate, and low confidence. But I do what I can to push these things aside and keep striving to be successful and to help others find their own voices and their own success. So, I came up with some steps that will help you stay confident in yourself and find success.


Start by deciding what you want to do and make a plan. Write out a business proposal, put your ideas in writing. Get what you need in order to make this happen. That could mean saving money, getting a business license, getting a degree or certification, renting some office space, or making something so you have backstock to get started with. Align yourself with your idea so you are ready to make it happen.


The next step is to believe in yourself, in your plan, in your product, and in your skills in order to make it all happen. If you don't believe in yourself and what you're doing you will fail. People don't want to give money to someone that doesn't have faith in themselves or their own products and services — how can they trust that you'll get the job done if you don't even trust yourself?


Create your business. Don't stop the creation process the moment you launch your plan. You need to keep creating and growing. Look back at your business plan 6 months in, and again a year in, and see where you need to create changes to keep your business going, or if it's time to overhaul the entire thing. The fact that you created it in the first place is a success!

How do you define success? If you accomplished anything you set forth to do you have succeeded. Keep these steps close by and use them each time you have a new plan or idea!

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The ABCs of Success and Achievement
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