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The 8th House and Your Inner Witch

All about the wonders of the 8th house on your birth chart.

instagram / basicmanda: successfully purifying the air around me

Do you know what your birth chart says? Or, do you even know what a birth chart is? Your birth chart is based off of the time, location, and date of your birth. At the time when you were born, every planet and star and thing up there in the universe were in a specific place. Doesn't seem like it matters, but it absolutely does. Your birth chart displays where all those planets and stuff were, and this contributes to the magic that is your personality.

If you'd like to learn more about birth charts, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or visit my tumblr page! Right now, I'm completing sample chart readings for free - covering your sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as the planets in your first three houses. 

Every birth chart has 12 houses. These are the 12 houses (of the zodiac...I guess), and each house symbolizes something different. My favourite house happens to be the 8th house. It's magical, I swear. 

The 8th house can determine a lot of different things, like how you deal with others, how you express yourself sexually, physical death, how you will grow spiritually, and sometimes financial matters. I've always seen it as the "witch house" because it often deals with the more ~magical~ side of life.

If you haven't already gotten your birth chart, I encourage you to go to and enter your information. The chart is completely free, and it shows you all of your signs and planets and placements. Once you've done that, follow along with me while we explore the 8th house!

This is my birth chart...

As you can see in the picture, there are little numbers on the inside of the circle, near the middle. You'll notice that each number matches a section, and there are little symbols in there. Each section represents a house, and the symbols represent planets. Use the box on the left side to match the images with the planets if you don't already know!

If you're following along with me (and I'm explaining it right), you should be able to tell that my 8th house only contains the moon.

Sun in the 8th house: You are never the same person for too long. You like to transform and surprise people, often changing your identity completely. You may be a person who is hiding some secrets, but one of your main goals is to improve who you are as a person.

Moon in the 8th house: Your key word is emotion. You may be a very emotional person, and be able to emphasize easily with people because you are so connected to your emotions. While you can control them for the most part, you won't be able to stop your emotions from bursting out of you sometimes. Others find you intense because of your emotional depth.

Mercury in the 8th house: You like to hang out on the dangerous side of life. You are curiously attracted to the forbidden, meaning you believe in a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories. You think deeply about things, and your opinions are always wild.

Venus in the 8th house: You want that forbidden, dangerous, wild kind of love. You can't survive without intimacy, so the idea of a passionate and intense love affair excites you. Watch out for the people you may find yourself attracted to, as they won't always be good for you. You're an expert on closeness, so use that to your advantage when reading new people.

Mars in the 8th house: You need to work on your anger. You have a bad habit of bottling up all of your anger until it explodes everywhere and makes a huge mess of things. Try to work on calming down to prevent these explosions, or even just to make them less messy.

Jupiter in the 8th house: You love the weird and the wonderful. Jupiter represents spiritual growth and transformation, so you're interested in things like karma and reincarnation. You would probably have some fun on this website. You may want to teach some of those things one day.

Saturn in the 8th house: Let's face it, you're a control freak, but you already know this. You like to have everything in its place and you always choose logic over emotion. You probably wouldn't even be reading an article about astrology and the witch house.

Uranus in the 8th house: You love to get reactions out of people. When someone says you can't do something, it just pushes you to work harder, especially when it comes to things you maybe shouldn't be doing. You like to be a bit shocking and provocative, because it always creates exciting results.

Neptune in the 8th house: Chances are you probably know more on this topic than I do. You seem to know everything somehow, maybe by magic. You may have many different beliefs in your lifetime, and your spirituality will be forever changing.

Pluto in the 8th house: You're deeper than the ocean. People can be intimidated by how moody and broody you are. You're constantly changing and transforming, and you're very knowledgeable of the power that you hold.

Chiron in the 8th house: You have a talent of knowing what others want, no matter how deep down this want may be. You may be tempted to manipulate others because of what you know. Be careful to not get too wrapped up in wanting power and control.

True Node in the 8th house: You are in for a personality revamp. You will transform completely after you encounter some unexpected events and sudden changes. Your view of the world, society, and sex will expand. You will meet success when you know yourself completely.

With an empty 8th house, you won't focus much on intimacy, sharing yourself with a partner, creating bonds with others, and personal transformation.

A stellium occurs when you have four or more planets in the same house. With a stellium in the 8th house, you may get stressed about situations that you can't control. Focus on controlling your finances instead.

There's always more to learn! The signs on the outer ring of each house also play a part in determining your personality, but that's for another day! Thanks for reading!

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The 8th House and Your Inner Witch
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