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Thank You

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I can't thank you enough.

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Dear Amazing Vocal Readers, 

Oh, how I can't thank you all enough. When I say thank you, it is to you the reader, and to Vocal as a platform. Vocal has helped me truly find my voice and find joy sharing my work with others, but I also couldn't do it without the you, the readers. 

12 published stories and 11 drafts later, this has become one of my favorite hobbies. I can recall, clearly, the day that I discovered Vocal. I had been on my phone, and an ad for it had shown up on my Instagram. It instantly intrigued me, and like everything else I want to remember, I screen-shot it. The photo sat in my camera roll for a few months before I finally took action. 

You see, I had always wanted to share my opinion with the world. I have a passion for the entertainment industry and also feel like there is so much advice that I can offer up to the world. I thought YouTube would be a good place to express myself, but after recording for five minutes I decided it was pointless. Who would want to watch the movie review of a random teenage girl? I feared the comments or strong views of those who watch YouTube and let that scare me away. So, I gave up. That was until I looked in my pictures and realized that there was another way. 

I then took to Vocal and wrote my first story. It was about my very unpopular opinion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After that, I was hooked. I felt such a sense of accomplishment after realizing I had actually published something for the first time in my life. For the first time, anyone could read my work. Hell, they could even tip me if they wanted (Not like I actually expected to receive any though)! 

It wasn't till one of my stories was picked as a staff favorite that I truly realized how much I loved this site. I went from my average 10 views to 200, and even got a tip! I felt truly shocked and grateful that someone had picked a piece I had taken the time to write. This truly isn't the same as writing for yourself or your school. Anyone can see these, and you know you have talent if you can succeed here. No one has the obligation to be kind to you here, so to receive recognition made me so overwhelmed but extremely grateful. 

I have now been writing on Vocal for a few months and I love it just as much, if not more. I just felt the need to share with everyone how grateful I am for their views. The few minutes you spend reading my stuff makes me smile more than you know. Each view gives me validation that I could become the author I dream to be. I know that becoming an author is so incredibly difficult, but being on here has helped me gain the confidence I needed to continue on the path to my dream. 

So, if you are here reading this right now I wish to thank you, and also to tell you to follow your dreams. It may sound so lame and cheesy, the whole "follow your dreams" talk, but it's overused for a reason. You really can accomplish what you want to in your life, whether it's becoming an actor or a teacher. If you work hard enough and have enough people to stand behind you and support you, you can take life and conquer it. 

You, the reader, are currently giving me the support I need for my dream. Support can come from the places you least expect it, or it may not come at all. But keep going! You would be surprised the things a single person can accomplish in their life if they really fight hard for what they desire. If you are reading this and feel inspired to write something of your own on here, I would implore you to do so. See where Vocal takes you and how it can impact your future. You may be surprised where it can lead you.

So thank you, Vocal. Thank you for helping me pursue and discover my dream. With each story I feel that I grow and mature a bit more. I cannot wait to stay and publish more on this site for the years to come and to get more and more people to join as well. This is the platform I desperately needed, but didn't even realize I needed. For the final time, thank you Vocal and thank you, reader. You have brightened my day, and validated my time.

Sincerely from my grateful and appreciative mind,


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Thank You
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